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Prolifers file case against condom ads QUEZON CITY, June 17, 2010--PROLIFERS filed
a motion for intervention against action star Robin
Padilla and DKT Phils. Inc. in Quezon City Regional
Trial Court Branch 96, joining the Ang Kapatiran
Party who had earlier filed a suit to stop the promotion
of condoms.
With 295 signatures, the "not indecent but, in fact, motion was submitted to the educational." court during a scheduled "We came out with the pre-trial of the case, ads to give out information prompting the judge to reset to the public about family another hearing.
planning. In the end, The suit asked that the we want parents to be ads promoting the use of responsible enough so they condoms should be stopped ensure a better future for from running in various our children," Padilla said.
media outlets.
Padilla, a Trust Condoms Pro-life lawyer Jo Aurea endorser, is a co-respondent Imbong submitted the in a case filed last May by complaint for threatening the Ang Kapatiran and the rights of the public Imbong. the actor for a moral and decent "Di lang sa usaping environment by advertising sekswal kundi araw-araw kelangan binibigyan natin On the contrary, Padilla ng proteksyon ang ating ANG KAPATIRAN'S JC Delos Reyes and Atty. Jo Aurea Imbong file the complaint against said the ads endorsing continued on page 2 DKT Philippines and Robin Padilla for promoting condoms.
the use of condoms were DepEd defers sex ed pilot test MANILA, June 22, 2010—"WE PARENTS appreciate the decision. They were enlightened." Pro-life lawyer Jo Aurea Imbong gratefully acknowledged the most recent ruling announced by Education Secretary Mona Valisno to halt the teaching of sex education in public schools until further consultations with Target market. Public students as young as 10 years old
are set to experience DepEd's sex ed.
the Catholic Bishops Conference of the MAYBE its a celebration for its cre- Philippines (CBCP) has been made.
program was also made a day after ators but the Pill's advent 50 years "We decided to hold sex education a 28-page petition was filed in the ago could be one of the best reasons module in abeyance until a final Quezon City Regional Trial Court by why thousands of women who used decision is made on the consulting Imbong and the Ang Kapatiran Party it wish they could turn back time. process," Valisno said.
against Valisno and Undersecretary continued on page 5 The decision to postpone the continued on page 3

Pro-Life FYI
After sex education, ‘Gay literacy' next for academic integration BAGUIO CITY, June 14, 2010—WITH SEX BOARD OF TRUSTEES
education surpassing Antonio M. Kosca, Jr critical rejection, a homosexual advocacy Sec. Jose L. Atienza, Jr group recently called on the government to consider Edgardo C. Sorreta an education campaign Vice President on homosexuality and Francisco Xavier S. Padilla homophobia for universities and the media as well.
Florinda M. Lacanlalay "Gay literacy in grade school? Why not? [We should begin teaching Emmanuel R. Amador Baby R. Nebrida-Ballesty children] gender sensitivity GAYS and lesbians during a pride march at the Welcome Rotonda in Quezon City.
Rep. Ma. Carissa O. Coscolluela as one of the universally Coun. Janet M. Malaya accepted human rights masters' theses in books and theses on because each individual the University of the homosexuality for the Melquiades A. Robles Rep. Wiliam Irwin C. Tieng has the right to choose Philippines Baguio, a Mariano Michael C. Velarde his or her own sexual module developed by the Palaganas admitted orientation," said Lynn Lesbians for National that it would take Sr. Mary Pilar L. Verzosa, RGS Madalang, executive Democracy (Lesbond) Lesbond a long process Ma. Julieta F. Wasan director of Ebgan Inc., a was the centerpiece of the before it could convince gender rights advocacy campaign waslaunched government to allot efforts on June 8 as part of the in educating the public BOARD OF ADVISERS
But Madalang said celebration of the 4th about homosexuality. But Dr. Angelita Aguirre, M.D.
children may better Baguio Gay Pride.
Palaganas remains positive Dr. Primitivo D. Chua appreciate homosexuality According to Lesbond after the Department of if it is not introduced in member Julie Palaganas, Education's decision to Bro. Gonzalo Goquiolay isolation from the new sex the said module describes reinstitute sex education Dr. Cely Malinit, M.D.
Ma. Asuncion Ramirez education modules.
the history, sociology and which "meant that "Having homosexuality societal behavior that has government educators Benjamin Santillan as a separate lecture sustained homophobia may also be open to a Ruperto Somera, Ph. D.
would be like teaching in the Philippines. Not gender sensitive module Catholicism instead of enough, Lesbond also set on homosexuals." Dr. Myrna Zapanta, M.D.
Christianity as a whole, in up a "gay pride library" With reports from the
Atty. Adrian C. Sison my view," she said.
filled with novels, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Legal Adviser Culled from several biographies, psychology dated June 14, 2010
Most Rev. Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D. Spiritual Adviser Prolifers file case from page 1 Marilou O. Agsaluna sarili," he said, explaining that the ad was not simply Andrew Isiah P. Bonifacio about sex but also how to protect one's self from acquiring diseases.
Ellen M. Sanchez Meanwhile, Francisco Nuñez, lawyer for DKT Phils., told the court that his client would seek Andrew Isiah P. Bonifacio compensation from the possible loss of revenues.
Editor & Lay-out Artist "My client intends to ask for P1 million in monthly damages while the case is being tried," he said. With
reports from the Philippine Daily Inquirer dated
Condom ad at the Araneta/Cubao LRT Station. Pro-Life FYI
POSITION PAPER ON THE INTEGRATION OF SEX EDUCATION IN PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS We at PRO-LIFE Philippines system, sophomores take up Biology and elementary students Foundation is deeply get a basic glimpse in their Science and Health subjects. If sex saddened and concerned of the education is about personal hygiene, don't we learn that from decision of the Department of our Good Manners and Right Conduct subject? And if sex Education (DepEd) to integrate in education is about chastity and delayed gratification, aren't our primary and secondary educational system a course on those handled already by Values Education teachers? sex education.
Another obstacle with pushing through with the program In fairness to DepEd, we acknowledge their effort to is its facilitators. Basing from complaints we receive from implement a measure to stop the spread of STIs and STDs our members, teachers do not get trained, so they ignore the and to lower down teen pregnancy rates in the country. We curriculum or do not know how to deal with it. Apparently, also appreciate the fact that in the said campaign, abstinence there is much discomfort among teachers in talking about and delaying sexual intercourse are well-stressed. But then subjects that were taboo when they grew up. So how can again, the rest of their efforts need careful scrutiny and we make this program successful when the ones who will adamant criticism.
execute them are unprepared and unmotivated? Sex education doesn't belong in schools to begin with. As for the recipients of this program, we believe there is a It makes sex and sexuality, which are by their very nature need to contest the readiness and the maturity of grade-school private and intimate, public and open. All education is an and high school students on the sensitive topics involving activity which is essentially public, but because matters of their sexuality. We suppose they are too young to be exposed sex are private and intimate (and pertain fundamentally to the in ideas and scenarios they are not even meant to experience family), the teaching of sex cannot be accomplished in the yet. If ever necessary, college students should be the ones classroom without violating that privacy and intimacy.
getting this kind of attention. Yes, knowledge is power but if Add up to that, implementing sex education could actually they are given to the wrong hands, it could be detrimental. send the wrong signals to our children. A clear example We firmly deem that younger teenagers should best receive would be the instruction on contraceptives. If we teach instructions from their parents or from a mature guardian. children to use condoms, we tell them in effect that it is all Parents have both the primary right and duty to teach their right to have sex thus they gain a false assurance in a situation children the morality of human sexuality. Although schools where they themselves should not be trying out at an early have the right and duty to assist parents in this undertaking, age. We should therefore not be surprised that many children sexual morality must not be imparted in a group setting become promiscuous and thereby conceive children while while this moral education must conform to the tradition and they are still children themselves, or that they contract STDs. teaching of religion and culture.
In the first place, should they be acquainting themselves with Springing from these arguments is our belief that DepEd contraceptives at their young age? should reconsider redirecting their vision. We suggest that they We also don't see the requirement for sex education to become more consistent with their vision and that is to "assist be singled-out. We affirm that doing so would be redundant. the Filipino child to discover his/her full potential in a child- Aspects of education on sexuality are incorporated into centered and value-driven teaching-learning environment." various types of programs, sometimes called family life skills or family life education in many developing countries. See, MARITA F. WASAN
if sex education is about the anatomy of the reproductive Executive Director DepEd defers sex ed from page 1 Ramon Bacani for them to stop the unwanted pregnancies and sex-related "Based on our advice, we'll make plan to teach sex education because diseases in the country.
our position clear," Odchimar said. it supposedly violated the rights of The DepEd official said they had Initiated by the United Nations parents to nurture the moral character sent invitations thrice to the bishops for Population Fund (UNFPA), the of their children.
a dialogue but they have not received a Adolescent Reproductive Health Valisno said they are willing to positive response.
program was set to be pilot tested modify the contents of the program CBCP President Bishop Nereo this school year on students as young if the church should find topics that Odchimar earlier said they are still as 11 years old in 80 elementary and contradict Christian values. She, consulting CBCP lawyers concerning 79 secondary schools. Cited from an
however, insisted that sex education is the legality of the sex education original article by Roy Lagarde for
still necessary to stop the rising cases of program. last 06/22/10.
Pro-Life FYI
FOR MORE than 30 years, those a latency period, or time of innocence. desirable, such as marriage, self- who favor a certain kind of sex They want kids thinking about their sex control and virginity. The assumption education in public schools have told organs as soon as possible.
is that everybody is either doing it us that by giving younger and younger Second, children are sexually or will soon do it. So, New Jersey's children information about how their miseducated, are official sexual position is grounded in sex organs work, and then handing incompetent to do the job, so they condoms, abortion and the advantages them contraceptives and abortion need ‘'professionals'' to do it for them. of ‘'protected sex.'' Abstinence is given information, society can reduce the Discussions about morality are to be short shrift because it is not based on number of unplanned pregnancies and avoided because they confuse the issue ‘'reality.'' sexually transmitted diseases.
and bring in guilt factors which, it is The closest the state gets to Now, in a searing cover story in the contended, are the cause of so much promoting abstinence is a $l discussion October issue of the Atlantic Monthly, sexual dysfunction.
of noncoital sex, known as ‘'sexual he Failure of Sex Education
known as ‘'comprehensive sex professor William Firestone, who education,'' mandated in 17 states, conducted a study of New Jersey's has failed children and society. It has Barbara Dafoe Whitehead's cover sex-education curriculum, says this neither reduced pregnancy nor slowed story for the Atlantic Monthly approach offers ‘'real opportunities the spread of venereal diseases.
to reduce dangers to many teens who Ms. Whitehead avoids the moralizing September 30, 1994 engage in sexual behavior, despite often associated with the subject, but she recommendations for abstinence.'' does explode a number of myths about Ms. Whitehead writes that teaching The curriculum, known as ‘'Learning sex education. The biggest one is that teen-agers to explore their sexuality About Family Life,'' discusses divorce, simply by giving children information through noncoital techniques has only HIV, masturbation -- the usual litany and removing their inhibitions, their ‘'perverse effects,'' since it is likely to -- but there is little about what used behavior can be modified in a way that lead to coitus, and that it ‘'comes close to be considered normal, or at least will produce ‘'positive'' results.
to educational malpractice.'' Ms. Whitehead's model is New Since these comprehensive sex- Jersey. In 1980, it adopted one of the education courses were implemented, nation's first required comprehensive sexual activity and its unwanted sex-education courses, beginning in consequences have increased. In New primary grades. The program enjoys Jersey in 1980, 67.6 percent of teen- widespread support among politicians age births were to unmarried mothers. and parents. It contains a number of By 1991, the figure had increased to 84 assumptions common to most sex- At some point, if the advertised First, children are ‘'sexual from results are not produced, prudent people birth.'' Sex educators reject the notion of might look for another way.
The vast majority of parents do not even know whether or not their children are receiving sex education in their school. Here are some interventions parents can do about this: Know your right to edu- education
Maintain constant and when they have questions
cate your children about Arm yourself with the fruitful
communication or problems.
sex. Vatican II recognized right facts and methods. with your children. It is Band together with other
the family as "the prin- Look for groups like Pro- also essential to know where parents in monitoring
cipal school of the social Life Philippines Foundation they are and what they are your child's school cur-
virtues which are neces- who can provide informa- being taught in school, and ricula. Parents should de-
sary to every society." The tion, guidance, and materials who their companions are mand to know the details Church reaffirms the law that are useful in educating both in and out of school. of sex education curricula, of subsidiarity, which the other parents and children Parents must be their chil- and they should study school is bound to observe on chastity and Christian sex dren's friends — the first these materials diligently. when it cooperates in sex education. people children will consult From The Facts of Life
Pro-Life FYI
The Pill: After 50 years from page 1 As proof here's an article reaction disease whose is so traumatized by her mother's
from the Philippine Daily Inquirer i n c i d e n c e death in childbirth that she is unable
showing the reader's disgust over is to have carnal relations with her
Rina Jimenez-David's column about highest in the husband. David wrote that while
glorifying the Pill and the wonder Philippines—is watching the movie she wondered
drug it was, well, at least for her: a chilling piece aloud, "For Chrissakes, why doesn't
IN her May 16 column, Rina
of information she use The Pill?"
Jimenez-David praised the many
that demolishes
Well, many of my "classmates"
benefits of the oral contraceptive
claims in chemotherapy for breast cancer
pill. She said, among other things,
the in 2002 uttered aloud, "Why did I
that "The Pill" allows women to
benefits of oral take The Pill?"
engage in sex without the fear of TIME Magazine featured the contraceptives.
Balance in writing is crucial when
Pill on its 50th anniversary the health is involved in a controversial
Surely, a writer as well-informed conveniences of The Pill and not issue. As a champion of women's
as David has heard that when a giving any warning about its negative causes, David should make sure
woman is suspected to have breast effect on a woman's health (not to that the pharmaceutical companies
cancer or is already diagnosed with mention its societal downside), may which produce oral contraceptives
the disease, one of the questions the be dangerous to readers who tend are not disseminating half-truths
doctor asks her is: "Have you ever to trust and accept the mind-set and victimizing women, including
taken The Pill?"
of a highly regarded champion of David, who, unintentionally, they
Using The Pill is one of the risk women's causes, such as David.
may be using as their spokesperson.
factors of breast cancer and this—
In the same May 16 column, David —AMETTA SUAREZ TAGUCHI
believe those who are battling the mentioned a movie in which a bride of Cagayan de oro City
Not your perfect wonder drug Negative effects of the Pill It has numerous side According to the Guardian men's do,to regulate sexual
effects. Here are just some (March 6, 2009), Britain's function,though in far lower
of the side effects of oral most prominent left-wing amounts.
contraceptive pills listed by newspaper, some versions the major health website of the pill increase the risk The pill increases several American Cancer Society,
which of deep vein thrombosis by cancer risks significantly. out of [a random selection of
says "side effects cannot be 5 times, which doubles the When taking hormonal ] 100 women with cancer, 31 anticipated": "Depression, risk of having a stroke and contraceptives,"teenagers have breast cancer, 6 have menstrual increases slightly the risk of are especially vulnerable to endometrial cancer and only periods,migraine, nausea, cervical cancer. breast cancer risk because 3 have ovarian cancer,so it vomiting, water retention, their breasts are growing," is not a good ‘trade-off ' in weight gain, yeast infection, The pill causes long-term says the Breast Can cer risk," says the institute.The
chest pain, coughing up hormone regulation prob- Prevention Institute. The WHO's panel of scientists
blood, or shortness of lems. In the January 2006 World Health Organiza- concluded that the pill raised
breath, crushing chest pain issue of The Journal of Sex- tion (WHO) discussed the the risks of breast, cervical, or heaviness, sudden partial ual Medicine, researchers pill-breast cancer link in a and liver cancer. or complete loss of vision, reported that abnormally 2005 report, as did the New breast lumps, severe pain or low amounts of unbound England Journal of Medi cine The pill causes a loss
tenderness in the stomach" testosterone caused by pill in January 2006. Though in overall well-being.
use per sist after women the pill lowers the risk of A Kinsey Institute study Greatly increased risk cease using it. Women's ovarian and endometrial
of deep vein thrombosis. bodies use tes tosterone,as cancers, "according to the
continued on page 6 Pro-Life FYI
Join Pro-Life's seminar on lobby & advocacy AS PART of its lobby and advocacy can help convince legislators to support efforts, PRO-LIFE PHILIPPINES the pro-life cause. FOUNDATION, INC. invites all An open forum comes after each of prolifers most especially advocacy the speaker's discussion.
group leaders, parishioners, teachers, The seminar is slated on a Saturday, and students to attend the Pro- July 31, 2010 from 8:00 AM to 3:30 Life Seminar Series for July titled PM at the St. Joseph Retreat House "Strategies to Protect Life and the Conference Room, Our Lady of Loreto Family in the 15th Congress." Church, Manzanas Street, Sampaloc, This seminar aims to shed light on Manila. A registration fee of P 750.00 using lobbying activities as means of includes one snack, one lunch, one cultivating a culture of life as well as seminar kit, and a certificate of to educate pro-lifers on how they can participation signed by the organizers.
help on advancing the pro-life agenda in numerous venues especially in the life bills. BUHAY Party-List's Mr. Jose information, please call Ellen at 733- legislative arm of the government.
"Agoy" Descallar will be explaining 7027. Or, you may send us a telefax Seasoned pro-life lawyer Atty. Jo the prospective landscape of the 15th at 734-9425; a text through mobile# Aurea Imbong of the Ang Kapatiran Congress of the Philippines. Rep. 0919-2337783; or an email at life@ will be sharing her expertise on raising William Irwin Tieng of the BUHAY Visit our website at arguments against controversial anti- Party-List will discuss on how prolifers Teachers, counselors, nuns join Pro-Life's TSTC QUEZON CITY, May 29-31, 2010--PRO-LIFE Philippines Foundation, Inc. recently held its Teen Sexuality Teaching and Counseling Seminar last month. A three-day seminar packed with talks and discussions primarily centering on teenager issues, the event was well-attended by around 70 participants composed of teachers, counselors, parish workers, even college students. As a goal the seminar aims to Sr. Pilar and PDI cartoonist Jess Abrera improve the teaching and counseling skills of the participants Participants during a workshop session.
in dealing with the sensitive topics of teen sexuality.
The said seminar also provided a wide array of activities such as workshops and group sessions facilitated by known pro-lifers such as Philippine Daily Inquirer cartoonist Jess Abrera who talked about the negative effects of pornography, educator Esther Manlapaz who touched on the topic of teen suicide and Pro-Life Philippines founder Sr. Mary Pilar Verzosa, RGS who taught about counseling teenagers on Sr. Pilar with participants during an exercise. topics of sexuality. Andrew Isiah P. Bonifacio
Participants during registration Negative effects from page 1 found that 40% of women who started the pill felt a drop ends up on Prozac." in"well-being,"and 40% also felt a loss of sexual desire. The pill causes abortion in some cases. At other
Elle, a glossy women's magazine found in stores coast-to- times it causes abortion by preventing or disrupt ing the coast, reported, "Elizabeth Lee Vliet,MD,a women's health implantation of an already-conceived child. In some specialist and the author of It's My Ovaries, Stupid!, thinks women, the pill suppresses ovulation completely. In those that OCs' [oral contraceptives']negative impact on moods— women in which it doesn't, the pill may allow conception she especially blames high-progesterone formulations— and cause the subsequent abortion of un born children. might even bring about the need for antidepressants: The Cited from Human Life International's Pro-Life Talking
Pill screws up a woman's mood and libido, and then she Points at
Pro-Life FYI
INTERNATIONAL NEWS Researchers asked by abortion advocates to
hide scientific debate over maternal deaths
USA, ductive rights fundraising Statistics and Monitoring at June 3, 2010–UNITED NA- conference in Washington UNICEF, shared Starrs' con- TIONS (UN) pro-abortion next week.
cerns, saying that there is a advocates told scientists to The comments were made "system in place for harmo- "harmonize" their findings at a symposium hosted by the nizing estimates for child or discuss them "in a locked University of Washington's mortality and I would invite room" so that the press could Institute for Health Metrics the IHME to participate in not report maternal death and Evaluation (IHME) and that process and contribute numbers that conflicted with the British medical journal, to the methodological dia- the ones they use to lobby The Lancet. The journal re- logue." policy makers and major in- cently published an IHME Dr. Richard Horton, editor we are accepting second- ternational donors.
study, which refuted the UN- of The Lancet, pushed back class data, and that applies Ann Starrs, co-founder sanctioned but highly con- saying researchers should wherever the numbers come and president of the abortion troversial figure of 500,000 not come to a "consensus" or from." advocacy organization Fam- annual maternal deaths, "harmonize" but rather have When he published the ily Care International (FCI), finding the number to have a "scientific summary view IHME study, Horton told told a roomful of scientists declined to 342,900 includ- of what the totality of avail- the press that he withstood to "lock all the academics in ing 60,000 deaths from HIV/ able evidence should be." He significant pressure from ac- a black box and have them AIDS. Abortion advocates argued that this should not tivists not to release it until come out with a consensus and some UN staff have be centered at the UN, but after major global funding set of numbers" or "at least been using the higher figure housed "independently with- conferences concluded this hide that there is disagree- for two decades to promote a in the scientific community." year, such as the G8 sum- ment" and "infighting." FCI version of maternal and child Horton responded to Starr's mit, UN General Assembly, is the founder of Women health policy that includes objection by saying, "Unless and next week's Women De- Deliver, which is hosting a abortion.
we subject numbers to that liver conference. Cited from
massive UN-backed repro- Tessa Wardlow, Chief of peer-review process, I think last 06/07/10
Bocelli: ‘I was almost aborted.' ROME, June 4, 2010–THE WORLD age 12 he was completely blind.
could have never known the music and For years Bocelli used to be an artistry of famous blind singer Andrea agnostic, but returned to his Christian Bocelli if his mother chose to abort him Catholic faith in 1994 in part due to because of a congenital defect.
reading the works of Leo Tolstoy, which are said to have convinced him As part of the"I am Whole Life" that life was not random chance, but project, the Italian tenor recounted in had a purpose.
a video the life story of his mother Edi Bocelli said he hoped that the story who had been hospitalized and treated of his brave mother "could encourage for a "simple attack of appendicitis" many mothers that find themselves in while pregnant in 1958. Bocelli tells difficult situations in those moments how doctors had suggested to his mother when life is complicated, but want to that she "abort the child" due to high save the life of their baby." chances of the child getting congenital The video is part of a project of the Whole Life Initiative, which is dedicated "But the young brave wife decided to promoting "a respect for the intrinsic not to abort, and the child was born," dignity of the human person regardless told Bocelli. "That woman was my of ability, age, status, ethnicity or sex." mother, and I was the child." testimonials, promoting an ethic of At his birth, doctors diagnosed him life. Cited from last
as having congenital glaucoma, and by 06/07/10
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