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Narcotics and dangerous drugs brochure

Twice as many people die from overdoses of Sniffing glue and inhaling other volatile Marijuana, hashish, and hashish oil come from a barbiturates as from overdoses of heroin.
chemicals, such as deodorant, hair spray, or even plant called Cannabis. The dried, chopped leaves Barbiturates, sometimes called "barbs", "downs", or gasoline can cause a high. These materials are are called marijuana. The dark brown resin from the "reds", cause mental confusion, dizziness, and loss poisonous and very dangers. Part of their intoxicating tops of the plant is hashish, with hashish oil being of memory. People sometimes get so confused from effect comes from cutting off oxygen to the brain or distilled from the hashish. The cannabis plant gets barbiturates that they forget how many pills they have affecting the lungs. Overdoses of these chemicals its effects primarily from a drug called delta-9-tetra- A Capsule Look at
taken. Often this confusion can result in overdose.
can damage the liver, heart, kidney, brain, blood and hydro-cannabinol, THC for short. Smoking or eating Barbiturates are addictive. In fact, people central nervous system.
THC brings most of the "high".
dependent on them have to be very careful comingoff them as sudden withdrawal can cause fear, restlessness, convulsions, even death. It is vitally Hallucinogens (also called psychedelics) are Narcotics are derived from opium or are important to consult a physician before discontinuing drugs which affect sensation, thinking, self- synthesized, and are highly addictive. Used medically the use of barbiturates.
awareness, and emotion. Changes in time and space as pain killers, they depress the central nervous Barbiturates and alcohol make each other more perception, delusions, and hallucinations may range system and eventually make people physically and powerful when taken together. Mixing even a few from mild to overwhelming, depending on the dose mentally dependent. Codeine and Demerol are sleeping pills with alcohol can easily lead to an and quality of the drug. Effects vary; the same person common synthetic narcotics. The "opiates", a more overdose and is a frequent cause of accidental death.
may have different reactions on different occasions.
powerful class of narcotics derived from the opium Never let anyone take barbiturates or other downers Many natural and synthetic hallucinogens are in poppy, include opium, morphine, and heroin.
if they have been drinking.
use. LSD, a synthetic, is the most potent and best Although the medical effects of the drug may be no People can buy other kinds of depressants over- studied. Mescaline (from the peyote cactus), more severe than those of the barbiturates, the great the-counter at their pharmacies that can be taken to psilocybin (from the Mexican mushroom), morning need for heroin often leads to personal desperation, help them sleep or relieve tension. They are not as glory seeds, DMT, DOM(STP), PMA, MDA, and others crime and intense suffering.
dangerous as barbiturates, but all the cautions about have somewhat similar effects.
downers should be adhered to. People often take them too casually, too often, and too much.
One serous drug of abuse, phencyclidine (PCP), Lysergic Acid comes from a fungus (ergot) and is a tranquilizer for animals. PCP ("hog" or "angel was first converted to lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) dust") produces a feeling of numbness in arms and One of America's biggest drug problems involve in 1938. It was not until 1943 that its psychoactive legs, and can cause hallucinations.
the misuse of prescription tablets and capsules. Some properties became known.
Sprinkled on tobacco or marijuana cigarettes or of these tablets and capsules are called "downers" Effects of LSD vary greatly according to dosage, taken in capsules, PCP can create temporary and can be obtained in the black-market or taken from personality of the user, and conditions under which psychosis very much like acute schizophrenia. It often the family medicine cabinet. There are many drugs the drug is used. Basically, it causes changes in leads to paranoia and has been linked with serious in this category, including sedatives (tranquilizers) like sensation. Users describe changes in depth Valium, Librium, and Xanax, and hypnotics (sleeping perception and in the meaning of the perceived object.
pills) like Nembutal, Seconal, Dalmane, and Placidyl.
Illusions and hallucinations often occur. The senseof time and self are altered. Sensations may seem to "cross over" - that is, music may be seen or colors Fentanyls are a family of compounds that mimic the effect of heroin. Some derivatives of fentanyl Physical reactions range from minor, such as are thousands of times more potent than heroin.
dilated pupils, rise in temperature and heartbeat, or Doses of smaller than a grain of salt can be fatal.
a slight increase in blood pressure to tremors. The Because they are so potent, fentanyls must be diluted user's emotional response to LSD varies widely. High by mixing with other powders. If this mixing is not doses can greatly alter the state of consciousness.
done properly and uniformly, some doses will be safe 1620 SOUTHWEST TYLER
while others could be deadly.
TOPEKA, KS 66612
General Information on Drugs and Their Effects
These are the "uppers" that stimulate the central The abuse of narcotics and
nervous system. They make people more active, WHAT IS A DRUG?
alert, and nervous. They usually relieve drowsiness A drug is "any chemical substance that brings about physical, emotional, or mental changes and disguise the effects of fatigue and exhaustion.
in people". Alcohol, tobacco, and even caffeine (in coffee, tea, cocoa, and cola drinks) are The stronger stimulants sometimes produce a has greatly cost society in many ways. A
temporary "euphoria" (high mood). Using stimulants large number of crimes have been committed
drugs. However, the term "drug" is more typically used to refer to marijuana, amphetamines, regularly makes some people irritable and overactive.
as a direct result of drug trafficking and use.
barbiturates, tranquilizers, narcotics, cocaine, "crack", phencyclidine (PCP), volatile People who use stimulants over a long period of time The cost to society has been in the form of
chemicals (glue and other inhalants), LSD, and heroin.
and then stop go through a withdrawal and may feel taxpayers'' dollars being used to investigate,
anxious, depressed, get headaches or experience prosecute, incarcerate, and rehabilitate the
other symptoms.
drug offenders. This, along with personal
Drug abuse is the use of a chemical substance, legal or illegal, which causes physical, mental, tragedies experienced by drug abusers and
emotional or social harm to a person or to people close to him or her.
their families, causes this subject to be a
Use of amphetamines, especially when taken concern for all.
There are different kinds of drug users:
without a doctor's supervision, can lead to the yo-yo Experimenters who may try one or two drugs a few times out of curiosity about effect of "speed" - high one hour and down the next.
In conjunction with the Kansas Bureau of
their effects. Amphetamines can make people psychologically Investigation and your local law enforcement
Recreational users use drugs to "get high" with friends on special occasions or dependent and can cause physical and mental agencies, the following information on
at parties. damage when used for an extended period of time.
narcotics and dangerous drugs is provided
Street level amphetamines are usually Regular users use drugs constantly to achieve or maintain a desired state, but for your benefit.
manufactured in clandestine laboratories, by "cooks" continue to attempt normal activity (work, school, housework, etc.) who have little or not scientific background.
Dependent users can't relate to anything but drug seeking and drug taking. Amphetamines produced under these conditions are They experience mental or physical discomfort when they need drugs and will often contaminated with chemical by-products that KIDDIE DOPE AND LOOK-ALIKES
do anything to obtain them. occur during the manufacture, many of which arepoisonous, can cause cancer, or brain damage.
Although look-alikes are inexpensively produced Drug use is often hard to pinpoint, especially in the early stages. One way to find out is to simply and enormously profitable, they can be highly potent.
ask, especially when there are significant changes in behavior. This is often a sign that something These drugs, also known as "kiddie dope", usually is wrong, it may not be drug abuse but your concern and openness can make the difference. Of contain nothing more than caffeine, ephedrine,aspirin, aspirin substitutes, or other noncontrolled course, many of the drugs have some effects in common, or produce different effects at different Cocaine, "coke" or "snow", usually seen in the ingredients. The capsules closely resemble the times. Dependence occurs when people like the effect they get from using drugs or feel they can't form of a white powder, comes from the coca bush colors, trademarks, and control numbers of do without them. Many drugs, like narcotics, can cause physical dependence or addiction. Almost found in mountainous regions of some tropicalclimates. An illegal drugs, cocaine is often smuggled prescription amphetamines and barbiturates. The any drug, when used regularly can cause psychological dependence.
into the United States from South America.
caffeine and caffeine-like chemicals in the look-alikes Cocaine is addictive, and can result in severe produce a mild stimulant effect. To obtain a noticeable irritation of membranes in the nostrils, throat, and "high" from these stimulants, the user must take a sinuses. When taken in large doses for a long period quantity of the capsules to achieve the same stimulant of time, cocaine causes sleeplessness, anxiety, and effect of several cups of coffee. Herein lies the danger occasionally delusions. Because of its rapid action of look-alike drugs - they so accurately resemble their and powerful stimulant "high", cocaine can easily be prescription counterparts that an unsuspecting user abused. A very potent form of cocaine, called "crack" could inadvertently ingest 5 or 6 legitimate is highly addictive. Known as a "rock" because of its prescription capsules, thinking they are look-alikes.
pebble-like appearance, "crack" is smoked in a special The resulting overdoes could easily become fatal.
pipe by the user and makes a crackling sound whenbeing smoked.


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