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(ht p:/ 04.Complete the following sentence with the option which
reflects the text point of view It´s true to affirm that .
About half of the young people from the Brazilian town a) 8% of Britain´s territory has been left after the Industrial
of Gonzaga move abroad in the hope of securing a better future. One of them was27-year-old Jean Charles de Menezes, b) deforestation happened only in Brazil.
the manmistakenly shot dead in London by police officerswho c) deforestation happened only in Britain.
feared he was a suicide bomber.
d) deforestation happened in Brazil as well as in Britain.
In the tiny cobbled town, houses and small apartment e) deforestation in Brazil over the past 30 years developed the
blocks being built among dilapidated bungalows give the Amazon State.
appearance of a holiday resort, except there are no tourists.
The construction is paid for with foreign earnings, as Complete the sentence with the appropriate option. One
those who stay in this rural area struggle to earn the minimum of the causes of deforestation in Brazil, in the70's, last
century, was the .
Jean's family live half an hour outside the town, along a a) Amazon State development.
dusty red dirt track. Hundreds of small hills dot the landscape, b) coffee agricultural expansion.
where smallholdings are surrounded by subsistence crops of c) usage of fire as an agricultural technique.
maize, sugar cane and banana trees, and the richer families raise a d) number of inhabitants growing.
e) result of using fire for the last 30 years.
At the family home, MatosinhosOtoni da Silva, a bricklayer, spoke about his son in the present tense.
06. The word "However"was used to:
Describing his pride in the way his "wellmannered" son a) emphasize human beings are the only responsible for
behaved with people, and the future he was building by working as an electrician, the 66-year-old said: "My son only b) explain an opinion given before.
went to primary school because we are poor. But c) conclude an opinion given before.
he is intelligent.
d) justify why Brazil has started deforestation.
e) add an opposite piece of information.
01.Mark the alternative that expresses the reasons brazilian
07The word "Which" in the statement: " .. human beings
people leave their country to live abroad.
have interfered with the natural environment in
a) poverty escape and tourism.
which they live":refers to:
b) tourism and better future.
a) human beings
c) moving abroad for fun and earning money.
b) natural environment
d) earnig money and tourism.
c) prehistoric times
e) poverty escape, lack of jobs and better future.
e) Brazil
02.The family relationship between Jean Charles de Menezes
and MatosinhosOtoni da Silva is: a) brother / brother.
b) son / father.
c) cousin / uncle.
d) father-in-law / son-in-law.
e) cousin / cousin.
The United Nations Conference on _ and 03. The phrase: ". except there are no tourists." (parag. 2
Development, having met at Rio de Janeiro from 3 to 14 June 1992, reaffirming the Declaration of the United Nations a) means the place is prepared to receive tourists, besides
Conference on the Human _ , adopted at anyone of them is seen around.
Stockholm on 16 June 1972, and seeking to build upon it,with b) is a reference to tourist cities nearby.
the goal of establishing a new and equitable global c) means that native people would like to receive tourists.
partnership through the creation of new levels of d) reinforces the idea of paradise for tourists come.
cooperation among States, key sectors of societies and people, e) says that even tourists are welcome, they can not be seen
working towards international agreements which respect the interests of all and protect the integrity of the global _ and developmental system, recognizing the integral and interdependent nature of the Earth, our home, proclaims that: HOW HAS HUMAN ACTIVITY AFFECTED BRAZIL'S
Human beings are at the centre of concerns for Since prehistoric times, human beings have interfered sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and with the natural environment in which they live. However,
productive life in harmony with nature.
in Brazil, it is only the last 150 years or so that large scale changes have occurred. For example, in the 1850's, 80% of the State of São Paulo was covered with forest. By the 1970's, with the rise of coffee growing, there was less than 8% natural forest States have, in accordance with the Charter of the left. But this is no different to what happened to our British United Nations and the principles of international law, the forests during the industrial revolution.
sovereign right to exploit their own resources pursuant to their Many believe that the grasslands in central Brazil are own _ and developmental policies, and the the result of the earliest inhabitants using fire to help them responsibility to ensure that activities within their jurisdiction hunt wild animals. Now these grasslands, once almost or control do not cause damage to the _of other completely infertile, have become very productive - thanks to States or of areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction.
new farming methods developed in Brazil. What has caused most concern over the past 30 years or so is the risk to the Amazon rainforest.
The right to development must be fulfilled so as to equitably meet developmental and _ needs of Human dignity is an important concept. The phrase has present and future generations.
two central connotations: that the dignity of humanity is inviolable, and, secondly, that each and every human being has the same, everlasting value. A natural corollary of this is that we all have a common duty to defend human dignity. All thoughts of solidarity — even the command to love one another In order to achieve sustainable development, _ — have their foundation here. Human dignity is humanity's protection shall constitute an integral part of the shared possession, a possession which we all have both a part development process and cannot be considered in isolation in and a responsibility for. We are bound together in a common lot which makes it impossible for us to be unaffected by the fate Internet: <ht p:/> (with adaptations).
All States and all people shall cooperate in the essential 11. From the text above it can be deduced that
task of eradicating poverty as an indispensable requirement for ( )solidarity is based on human dignity.
sustainable development, in order to decrease the disparities in ( )two fundamental implications derive from human dignity.
standards of living and better meet the needs of the majority of ( )we should not let others' destiny influence us.
the people of the world.
( )human dignity must be everybody's responsibility.
(ht p:/ The Norwegian Nobel Committee has evaluated Lech 08.Respecting the text order, choose the option which
Walesa's contribution as being of essential importance in the completes it according to the grammatical usage.
campaign to establish the universal freedom of organization in a) Environment,
all countries. It is in just this context that the name
"Solidarity" has its deepest and most wide-ranging meaning.
Lech Walesa's contribution is more than adomestic Polish
b) Environmental,
concern; the solidarity for which he is spokesman is an expression of precisely the concept of being at one with humanity; therefore he belongs to us all. The world has heard
c) Environment,
his voice and understood his message; the Nobel Peace Prize is merely a confirmation of this.
Lech Walesa has made the name "Solidarity" morethan d) Environmental,
an expression of the unity of a group campaigning for special
environment, environmental, environmental, environment.
interests. Solidarity has come to represent the determination to e) Environmental,
resolve conflicts and obliterate disagreement through peaceful negotiation, where all involved meet with a mutual respect for one another's integrity.
Internet: <ht p:/> (with adaptations).
09. According to the text, which principle expresses the inner
essence of the sustainable development? 12.According to the text above,
a) Principle 5
( ) Walesa's actions brought about the freedom of organization b) Principle 4
all over the world.
c) Principle 3
( ) there are no frontiers as far as solidarity is concerned.
d) Principle 2
( ) solidarity presupposes selfishness.In the text above, e) Principle 1
( ) "just" is synonymous with fair.
( ) "Polish" is the name of a country.
( ) "therefore" can be replaced by however without
10.Match column 1 to column 2 according to their themes.
changing the meaning.
a) Principle 1
b) Principle 2
When a natural or a man-made disaster strikes a c) Principle 3
developing country, death and disease are often compounded by a d) Principle 4
lack of adequate medical care. In many war-torn countries, e) Principle 5
animosity is so great between warring factions that medical care is often denied to those in need because of their religion, ethnic identity, or political affiliations. In such cases, who will help the ( )The preservation of life on Earth.
In 1971, a group of concerned physicians established ( )Exterminate poverty.
Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), to ( )Respect peoples land exploration not to affect whole world.
provide emergency assistance wherever wars and disasters ( )Environment cannot be an end in itself.
occur. Since then, MSF has grown into the world's largest ( )People's integration with nature.
independentinternational medical relief agency, aiding victims of epidemics, armed conflicts, and natural and man-made disasters in more than 80 countries through the efforts of more Choose the best response.
than 2,000 volunteers representing over 45 nationalities.
a) a, b, c, d, e
Additionally, MSF is often called upon to provide assistance to b) c, e, b, d, a
individuals who lack healthcare due to geographic remoteness c) c, a, d, b, e
or ethnic marginalization.
d) d, c, a, e, b
e) a, d, e, c, b
Doctors Without Borders. Médecins Sans Frontiers(MSF). Internet:
<ht p:/> (with adaptations).
13. From the text above, it can be inferred that
3. didn't have become
( )flood victims are eligible to receive MSF aid.
4. hasn't become
() political rivalry may be an obstacle to provide medical aid 5. no has become
to some people in war-torn countries.
( )there's no way to help the helpless.
Select the correct proposition ( ) there is no independent international medical relief agency a) One alternative is correct
larger than MSF.
b) Two alternatives are correct
c) Three alternatives are correct
d) Four alternatives are correct.
e) Five alternatives are correct.
Every new generation is different from the one that preceded it and differences of opinion between the generations Text VIII
have always existed. This generation gap is by no means a modern phenomenon. Young people have always reacted Os textos abaixo foram adaptados de um número da revista against the accepted beliefs of their elders. Today this gap is NEWSWEEK de 2001 e serve para as questões 19 a 21.
well marked indeed.
The young of today are better educated and better informed. They earn their own money and they enjoy more Fosamax, a drug already shown to be effective in treating freedom. They mature quicker and are less dependent on their OSTEOPOROSIS in postmenopausal women, may prevent parents. They reject conformity and make a point of living in the condition from occurring in the first place. Touted as a safe, the present rather than in the past or future. They have their nonhormonal alternative to estrogen, the drug prevented bone own opinions and don't blindly accept the views of their loss in 95% of women studied. To keep working, Fosamax elders.People of the older generation, in turn, say that they requires daily dosing. for years.
know best because they have lived longer and have had more experiences in life.
When the young begin to question past values, A new treatment can save PREMATURE BABIES born with assumptions and beliefs, the elders take the defensive and try underdeveloped lungs. Doctors fill the tiny collapsed air sacs to impose their own views. Hence many incompatibilities arise with an oxygen-rich liquid that enables the lungs to expand.
and every day it gets more difficult for the two generations to The liquid eventually evaporates.
adjust to each other.
(writ en by LucianeFigueiredo and Silveira) Starting next month, a nonsurgical approach to ABORTION will be tested on 3,000 U.S. women. Two drugs are taken, one 14. According to the text, the generation gap is the result of:
a cancer drug that stops the rapid cell division of the embryo.
a) Love and understanding between the generations.
b) Excess of communication.
As if cramps and bloating were not enough, research shows d) Comprehension between the young and the old.
that asthmatic women of childbearing age are more likely to e) Differences of opinions and values between the
suffer severe attacks right before and during menstruation. A rapid drop in estrogen, which prompts changes in the immune system and elsewhere, may be to blame.
15. According to the text, the young today .
are more and more dependent on their parents.
. According to the NEWS items.
b) don't like to work.
a) NEWS 1 is about a drug which has some negative effects for
c) have more access to education and are supplied with more
b) NEWS 2 is about a new treatment for babies born with big
d) are afraid of freedom.
e) don't have access to culture.
c) NEWS 3 is about a new technique of abortion.
d) NEWS 4 is about childish problems.
e) NEWS 2 and NEWS 3 are bad news.
16.According to the text, the elders say they know best
They are more intelligent than the younger generation.
. De acordo com o texto I é incorreto afirmar que,
b) They have lived longer and have had more experience in life
a) um líquido especial introduzido nos alvéolos de bebês
c) They have no experience.
prematuros nascidos com problemas pulmonarespode d) Nothing deserves to be changed
ajudar a salvar suas vidas.
e) The young ask for their advice very often.
b) 3000 mulheres americanas serão submetidas a uma forma
de aborto em que dois medicamentos serãoadministrados.
c) a rápida queda nos níveis de estrógeno causa mudanças no
17.The underlined word "when" in the last paragraph can be
sistema imunológico da mulher durante operíodo 1. whenever
d) a diminuição do nível de estrógeno pode ser a causa dos
ataques as mulheres asmáticas.
3. as soon as
e) estudos mostram que 95% das mulheres que continuam
trabalhando sofrem de osteoporose.
5. though
One alternative is correct . De acordo com o texto, Fosamax
b) Two alternatives are correct.
a) só poderá ser ingerido diariamente durante quatro anos.
c) Three alternatives are correct
b) é eficiente para evitar perda óssea em mulheres.
d) Four alternatives are correct
c) é um hormônio semelhante ao estrógeno.
e) Five alternatives are correct.
d) é um medicamento receitado para mulheres antes de entrar
na menopausa.
e) é considerado ainda um medicamento arriscado
18. "The generation gap has become a serious problem".
The negative form of the sentence above is: 1. doesn't have become
On Government and Politicians
2. has not become
1. A government big enough to give you everything you want, is
c) O'Rourke believes that governments should have more
strong enough to take everything you have.
access to money and power.
-- Thomas Jefferson d) you must read a newspaper to be uninformed.
e) politics has been debated before Christian times.
2. A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always
depend on the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw Swine Influenza - Treatment - In humans
3. Giving money and power to government is like giving
whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.
If a person becomes sick with swine flu, antiviral drugs
-- P.J. O'Rourke, Civil Libertarian can make the illness milder and make the patient feel better
faster .Theymay also prevent serious flu complications. For
4. If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you
treatment, antiviral drugs work best if started soon after do read the newspaper you are misinformed.
getting sick (within 2 days of symptoms). Beside antivirals, palliative care, at home or in hospital, focuses on controlling fevers and maintaining fluid balance. The U.S. Centers for 5. If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see
Disease Control and Preventionrecommends the use of Tamiflu what it costs when it's free! (oseltamivir) or Relenza (zanamivir) for the treatment and/or -- P.J. O'Rourke, Civil Libertarian prevention of infection with swine influenza viruses, however
, the majority of people infected with the virus make a full 6. In general, the art of government consists of taking as much
recovery without requiring medical attention or antiviral drugs.
money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the The virus isolates in the 2009 outbreak have been found resistant to amantadine and rimantadine.
-- Voltaire (1764) In the U.S., on April 27, 2009, the FDA issued Emergency Use Authorizations to make available Relenza and 7. Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't
Tamiflu antiviral drugs to treat the swine influenza virus in mean politics won't take an interest in you! cases for which they had been unapproved. The agency issued -- Pericles (430 B.C.) these EUAs to allow treatment of patients younger than the current approval allows and to allow the widespread 8. Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member
distribution of the drugs, including by non-licensed volunteers.
of Congress. But then I repeat myself.
SOURCE: adapted from: ht p:/ 9. Talk is cheap. except when Congress does it.
25.Considerando o texto "Swine Influenza - Treatment - In
humans" é correto afirmar.
a) Medicamento antiviral é o único tratamento eficaz para a
10. The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is
gripe suína.
that the taxidermist leaves the skin.
b) Medicamento antiviral tem melhor efeito quando iniciado
logo após o surgimento dos primeiros sintomas da gripe 11. What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.
c) A infecção pelo vírus requer atenção médica urgente para
-- Edward Langley, Artist (1928-1995) combater os sintomas na maioria da população.
Source: received by email d) A amantadina e a rimantadina são usadas com sucesso na
profilaxia e no tratamento da gripe suína.
22.Considerando o texto "OnGovernmentandPoliticians", é
e) Oseltamivire zanamivirsão os vírus que agem nas recentes
infecções causadoras da gripe suína.
a) O autor anônimo do pensamento 9, alega que o Congresso
irá criar um imposto para o ato da fala.
26.Conforme o uso, no texto "Swine Influenza - Treatment - In
b) No pensamento 2, George Bernard Shaw sugere que um
humans", é correto afirmar: governo sempre terá o apoio daqueles a quem ele beneficia.
a) personepatientreferem-se ao mesmo indivíduo.
c) No pensamento 3, o autor se mostra favorável a que o
b) Theyrefere-se às pessoas acometidas da gripe suína.
governo tenha poder e dinheiro.
c) bettere fastersão as formas do grau superlativo de bete fast.
d) Edward Langley sugere que o país precisa de mais políticos
d) maypoderá ser substituído por must sem alterar o sentido
da oração.
e) considera que a política não é justa porque os políticos não
e) howeveré o mesmo que wherever, whichevere whoever.
se interessam pelo cidadão.
23.Baseado no texto "OnGovernmentandPoliticians", é correto
27.Considering the text "Swine Influenza - Treatment - In
humans" one might infer that a) Voltaire, já em 1764, dizia que o governo arrecadava muito
a) it is necessary to treat the pigs with the same drugs used for
dinheiro para promover festas.
b) Mark Twain sugere que o coletor de impostos " só não tira o
b) most people who catch swine flu never get better on their
c) O'Rourke denuncia que o governo fornece dinheiro e
c) the use of Relenza and Tamiflu antiviral drugs used to be
bebida a adolescentes.
d) O'Rourke acredita que os planos de saúde serão gratuitos no
d) symptoms of swine flu infection will only appear two days
after the infection.
e) Mark Twain parece acreditar que os jornais transmitem
e) patients, victims of the swine flu, will never recover
completely from the disease.
24.From the text "On Government and Politicians" one might
Drinking and driving
correctly infer that a) Mark Twain suggests that members of Congress aren't
1. Most drivers who have had something to drink have low
blood alcohol content (BAC) and few are involved in fatal b) government, politics and politicians are highly regarded by
crashes. On the other hand, while only a few drivers have BACs the authors.
higher than 0.15 percent, many of those drivers have fatal 2. Never use illegal drugs. Illicit drugs are involved in a large
proportion of traffic fatalities.
3.Never drive when fatigued. The dangers posed when fatigued
are similar to those when intoxicated. A drunk or fatigued driver has slowed reactions and impaired judgment.
4. Don't use a car phone, put on make-up, comb your hair, or
eat while driving. Drivers using cellular phones are four times more likely to have an accident 5.Steer clear of aggressive drivers. Aggressive drivers may be
responsible for more deaths than drunk drivers.
6. Don't be fooled. The contents of the typical bottle or can of
beer, glass of wine, or liquor drink (mixed drink or straight liquor) each contain virtually identical amounts of pure alcohol. When it comes to alcohol, a drink is a drink and are all the same to a breathalyzer.
7.Know your limit. If you are not sure, experiment at home
with a responsible individual. Explain what you are attempting to learn. Most people find that they can consume one drink per hour without any ill effects.
8. Eat food while you drink. Food, especially high protein food
such as meat, cheese and peanuts, will help slow the absorption of alcohol into your body.
9. Accept a drink only when you really want one. If someone
tries to force a drink on you, ask for a non-alcoholic beverage instead, if that doesn't work, "lose" your drink by setting it down somewhere and leaving it.
. Skip a drink now and then. Having a non-alcoholic drink between alcoholic ones will help keep your blood alcohol content level down, as does spacing out you alcoholic drinks.
11. Beware of unfamiliar drinks. Some drinks, such as zombies
and other fruit drinks, can be deceiving as the alcohol content is not detectable. Therefore, it is difficult to space them 28. Based on the text, judge the following items.
( )Few drivers with low BAC have fatal crashes.
( )BAC is responsible for more traffic fatalities than illegal ( )Driving when fatigued can be as bad as driving drunk.
( )A driver with high BAC has more than 150 millilitres of pure alcohol per litre of blood.
29.According to the text, judge the items below.
( )Aggressive drivers can be more dangerous than drunk ( )The widespread use of cellular phones doubled the number of car accidents.
( )A breathalyzer measures the amount of alcohol in a driver's ( )Don't get used to combing your hair while driving.
30. According to the text, it is correct to conclude that
( )it is possible to discover one's tolerance to alcohol.
( )a person should not eat meat while drinking.
( )people should pretend to forget where they leave a drink they do not want.
( )fruit drinks are not dangerous.


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