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BMS/Graphics Interface
The Mxp-010 interface allows BMS systems and graphics PCs to be integrated with the Mx-
series of Fire Control Panels and Remote Terminals.
The interface is an integral part of the Ad-Net network, handling all the network traffic, prioritisation, etc. whilst allowing the external BMS/Graphics systems to issue commands and receive information over a simple RS232 bi-directional serial port. Multiple interfaces can be connected at different positions on the network as required (following the normal Ad-net Network rules to give each node it's own unique network address, etc.). Product Data Sheet
Document Number: 680-047 Revision: 02

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Boxed BMS/Graphics Interface Mxp-010-BX/FT: Boxed BMS/Graphics Interface with Fault Tolerant Network Interface Applications / Limitations:
Provides connection to various 3rd party Graphics Systems (Contact Sales for an up-to-date list of compatible systems). RS232 Communications baud rate selectable between 19200 or 38400. All Ad-Net networks.
Use the standard model on standard networks. Use the fault tolerant model on fault tolerant networks. Specification Details
Supply Voltage Input 18-28V DC 48mA (/FT: 86mA) at 24V DC IP30: Dimensions 218mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 45mm (D) 4 Top, 4 Bottom, 4 Bottom Rear Temperature Range -5°C to 50°C / 95% Humidity (non condensing) Serial Interface Isolated RS232 Interface to BMS / Graphics PC Monitor Input for Power Supply Fault Output On-board LED Indicators for HEARTBEAT, NETWORK transmit / receive and RS232 transmit / receive Lithium Battery for retention of real-time clock As our policy is one of constant product improvement the right is therefore reserved to modify product specifications without prior notice Moorland Way : Nelson Park : Cramlington
Northumberland : NE23 1WE
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Fax: +44 (0)1670 707 222 Email: [email protected]
BMS/Graphics Interface

Mounting the enclosure
The enclosure is provided with four M3 fixing
points. Refer to the diagram opposite for
dimensions. Use appropriate fixings to mount
the enclosure on the wall. Ensure that there is sufficient space to allow the cover to be removed / opened when the panel is finally mounted. If the cover is completely removed, remember to reconnect the earth lead prior to re-assembly. Wiring
The unit is designed for easy wiring installation.
To maintain electrical integrity of the SELV wiring on the DC Power and Communications lines all "Plug-in" terminal blocks are provided for all SELV wiring should be segregated from LV connections to the unit. mains wiring and be wired using cable with The diagram below shows the positions for all insulation suitable for the application. connections to the unit. To minimise the effects of EMC interference all NB: Minimum / Maximum cable size for all data wiring circuits should be wired with a connections is limited to 0.5mm² / 2.5mm² (22- twisted pair of conductors with a cross sectional area suitable for the loading conditions. In areas where cabling may come into contact with high frequency interference, such as All electrical wiring installation work should be portable radio transceivers etc. the data wiring carried out in accordance with the code of cable should be of a twisted pair construction practice applicable in the country of installation. within a overall screen. Care should be taken to correctly terminate this screen, refer to the information below. COMMISSIONING SWITCH (SW1) DC Power Supply
The Mxp-010 requires a 24V power supply.
Dual terminal screws are provided so that, if required, the DC Power can be routed on to Connect the 24V DC supply feed to the another peripheral unit. SUPPLY +24V and 0V terminals. Connect the incoming power Use cables of sufficient size to ensure that the supply earth wire to the earth power input voltage is maintained under all stud in the back box. supply conditions – refer to specifications section. Must be

Note: The power supply used MUST BE
designated a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV)
Fault Input
The "FAULT INPUT" terminals are normally
Should no fault relay be available, or if the used to monitor the "normally closed" contacts monitoring of an external fault signal is not of the fault relay output from the power supply. required, these two terminals should be shorted together with a 10KΩ resistor across the A 10KΩ series resistor should be connected to terminals of the "FLT-INPUT" terminal block. the relay terminals. If more than one module is powered from the same power supply, it is only necessary to connect the fault output monitoring to one of the modules. Network Connections
Connect the 2 core twisted pair network data
cable to the A and B terminals. Connect the data cable screen to the network SCN terminals. Note that special screen termination circuits are included on the circuit card to prevent mains frequency earth-loop Please refer to document 680-027 for more currents flowing between network nodes. detailed information on the Ad-Net network. The data cable screen MUST NOT be connected to any other earth point. RS232 Serial Interface
The connection to the external BMS/Graphics
system is via a serial RS232 connector as Terminal
RS232 ground reference RS232 Transmit data to external BMS system RS232 Receive data from BMS system The maximum length of the RS232 Installation cable is 10m (30'). This unit must be installed in the same room as the BMS / Graphics PC equipment. Commissioning the Interface
Each interface must have a unique network node address. See also the Ad-Net Technical
Document (Document number 680-027) for detailed information on how to set-up and commission
Default Settings
The following factory default settings are used, but these can be changed as required.
Interface Zone 200 RS232 Baud Rate 38400 Note that if multiple BMS/Graphics interfaces, or other network interfaces, with the same default settings are used it is essential to change the defaults to give unique parameters for each interface. Changing the Interface Settings
The above defaults can be changed as required after moving switch SW1 over to the "Commissioning" position (i.e. move to left). Use any of the following: - Connect a PC to the RS232 connector and run the "Virtual Terminal" display and select "Setup" from the virtual display Connect a PC to the RS232 connector and using the MX configuration software, transfer a file from the PC to the Interface. "Zone Text" should also be entered for the interface, so that any events created by the BMS/Graphics Interface can be readily identified from displays throughout the fire system network. Normal Operation
If a display has been used to configure the interface, then check that all commissioning
operations are complete, with the display showing "[Commission]" in the top left corner of the
Ensure the RS232 connections to the BMS/Graphics system are made, then move switch SW1 out of "Commissioning" (i.e. move switch to right). Maintenance
Lithium Battery

WARNING – A lithium battery is used for data retention / operation of the real time clock.
Replace only with the same type or authorised equivalent. This battery is not rechargeable.

Expected Shelf Life Replacement Schedule - 10 years for panels in continuous service 10 years for spares (i.e. when the panel / board is not powered) Replace if the battery voltage falls below 2.6 volts. Manufacturer / Part Number - CR2032



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