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Organic silica developed by the scientist Dr. Loïc Le Ribault Oral dosage and external application
A new clinical study confirms the effectiveness in the case of arthritis of G5 Siliplant with application of a gel: valuation d'un complément diététique sur les douleurs articulaires avec ajout d'un gel, rapport final, SILAIE number PEC11012. Edited by BC, MERIEUX NUTRISCIENCE under the direction of Béatrice Housez, Nutrition and Health specialist and Matthieu Pichelin, Clinical Project Manager» A sample group of arthritis patients Siliplant for one week. aged over 50 who took Silicium G5 Siliplant for 6 weeks and applied Dr. 50% of those with arthritis in the
Le Ribault's organic silica gel found neck and shoulder declared that they this reduced the effect and the inten- had no more joint pain after the treat- sity of joint problems.
ment and said the pains disappeared completely after 6 weeks.
77% of participants noticed a lesse-
ning of pain in the joints after taking the G5 Siliplant and using the orga- 40% of those with arthritis in the knee
nic silica G5 gel.
declared that they had no more joint pain and said the pains disappeared 87% of participants could move their completely after 6 weeks.
joints more freely than before taking the products.
Overall one third of those stu-
died said they had no more joint pain
83.33% of participants found their by the end of the study. In each of the
overall quality of life had improved groups a significant improvement in after the treatment.
the quality of sleep was noted.
13.33% of patients noticed an im-
provement after the first application while 57% of the study group noticed this after using the gel and taking the

Why does G5 Siliplant work?
5 differences from other products
The best quality available on the market as proved by scientific studies: 1.It contains silica in its orga- nic form, attached to atoms of carbon, a core element of life. Taking silica in mineral form is not effective, given that the organism considers it a contaminant and eliminates it in the urine. However the organic form is definitely retained in the tissues (Cal- cagni 1984).
2. The silica contained in G5 Siliplant is totally soluble and does not leave any residue in the bottom of the bottle.
3. It consists in part of mole- cules of monomeric silica, which are very short mole- cular chains that are easy to assimilate. According to a recent study by an British researcher (Judgaoshing), most supplements on the market contain not mo- EXTRACELLULAR FLUID nomeric but polymeric silica, and as a result cannot be assimilated.
4. Silica tends to become polymerised and crystallised, with the result that the body expels it and eliminates it in the urine. G5 Siliplant does not contain polymerised silica.
5. Developed on the ba- sis of scientific studies by Dr. Loïc Le Ribault.
Why does our organism need ad-
7 reasons:
1. It is an oligo-element essential for life (E.M. Carlisle, 1972).
2. It is essential for producing the key mo- lecules for the joints, collagen and elas- tine. Thanks to these molecules silica strengthens the cartilage.
3. Lack of silica leads to distortions in the body, for instance deformation of bones, cartilage and connective tissue, thus it is required for correct 4. The body does not easily assimilate the silica present in food.
5. From the age of 35 the amount of silica in the tis- sues and their capacity to assimilate it diminishes. An adolescent has 400% more silica than an old person, in whom the elasticity of the skin is reduced by 30%. In the scientific literature this loss is asso- ciated with premature decalcification and aging of 6. Silica eliminates heavy metals from the body.
7. It is fundamental for the immune and cardiovascular systems.
Who was Dr. Loïc Le Ribault?
Loïc Le Ribault (1947-2007), Doctor of Silicium España Laboratorios is
Science, was a geologist by training, the exclusive holder of the intellectual with doctorates in sedimentology and property of Dr Loïc Le Ribault (patent oceanography from the universities of rights, scientific studies and publica- Orsay and the Sorbonne. He worked tions), in particular the trademarks "Le
for various oil companies and for the Ribault", "LLRG5" and "Silicium
FBI and was founder and director of G5".
CARME, the first research laboratory specializing in the scanning electronic Silicium G5 Siliplant from Silicium
España is the updated version of Loïc Le Author of 11 books and more Ribault's renowned G5. It is the only than 50 scientific studies product authorized legally published in spe- by Dr Loïc Le Ribault and cialist journals, the first organic silica put on the market legally in Spain tific innovations.
Loïc Le Ribault demons- trated that certain quartz crystals have on their surface a layer of amorphous silica soluble in water. From studying thousands of samples he pro- ved that certain grains of sand were co- vered with organic silica produced by microorganisms. During his experiments he discovered by chance the therapeu- tic effectiveness of this organic silica.
Silicium G5 Siliplant 1000 ml, Loïc Le Ribault's natural organic sili-
ca that encourages overall wellbeing and healthy bones and joints.
It contains 370 mg of silica per litre in monomeric form, a formula
containing orthosilicic acid, stabilized by an organic compound in or-
der to prevent any polymerization.
This oligo-element is essential to many Silicium España Laboratorios SLU has biochemical processes at the cellular the exclusive right to use the trademarks level. It has a positive effect on a broad ‘G5' and ‘Dr. Loïc Le Ribault'.
range of homeostatic imbalances. In its bio-available form, silica is an impor- tant ingredient in collagen, elastine and connective tissue in general, and in the molecules connecting the cells. Many studies confirm the effectiveness of G5 Siliplant along with its application in gel form on a wide range of pathologies af- fecting the joints. Moreover its use over many years by health professionals has provided documentation and evaluation of a large number of cases with positive results on a wide range of problems.
Silicium G5 Siliplant is the updated and improved version of Loïc Le Ribault's re- nowned G5. This product was first for- mulated by Dr. Le Ribault and is based solely on scientific criteria.
It is sold as a food supplement that is fully assimilable by the body and the cells, and provides natural silica in mo- nomeric form.
Silicium G5 Siliplant conforms to the new European directive on food sup- plements, is registered with the Spa- nish Agency for Food Safety and has in addition a National Pharmacy Code. This product has a National
DIRECTIONS FOR USE using the measuring cap in 2 doses without SILICIUM G5 SILIPLANT: time limit plus external application 1-3 times G5 Siliplant should be taken 5-10 minutes per day. The product has no contra-indica- before meals. If possible hold it in the mouth tion or side effects. It can be used by celiacs, for one minute before swallowing in order to vegetarians and women who are pregnant or maximize its absorption under the tongue.
breast feeding.
Intensive dosage: liquid G5 Siliplant, 60-
120 ml per day using the measuring cap in Purified water, silicic acid, Equisetum arvense, 2-4 doses of 30 ml, for a period of 1- 6 months Rosmarinus officinalis.
or more if necessary, plus external applications CONTAINER: (of liquid or gel) on the affected areas, at least 1000 ml PET bottle with 30 ml measuring cap. 3 times per day.
Maintenance dosage: 30 ml per day
Loïc Le Ribault's silica concentra-
ted in capsules, more convenient
to take when you are not at
home. A very pure formula sta-
bilized with silicic acid and wit-
hout any preservatives.
We present the new food supplement based on Dr Loïc Le Ribault's silica, in a more pure and concentrated form. Silicium G5 Monodose provides the silica G5 formula in capsules making it readily available to the body. It is a DIRECTIONS FOR USE: perfect solution, not colloidal, with no Intensive dosage: 2 capsules per day be- polymerization and remaining stable
for several years. Silicium G5 has no : one capsule per day. side effects, though its detoxing func- tion may in a few cases produce slight Purified water, silicic acid, potassium phos- healing reactions for a few days, which phate. Provides 360 mg/liter of monomeric can be resolved by simply reducing the dose. It does not contain any preserva- tives. One dose of 20 ml per day pro- Now with more capsules and better concentra- vides the equivalent of 40 ml of Loïc Le tion. Box of 30 x 20ml doses.
Ribault's original G5. PRODUCTS BASED ON LOÏC LE RIBAULT'S ORGANIC SILICA Pure concentrated organic silica in a gel for external application.
Joints and skin. Stimulates the formation of connective tissue. Ex-
cellent penetration and rapid action.
The organic silica gel for external use A study has shown that G5 organic sili- has been designed specifically to be ca increases significantly the level of col- applied on areas affected by various lagen produced by human fibroblasts, problems. It is very effective for a wide up to 19% compared with the control. range of conditions, is hypoallergenic In the trials carried out, G5 organic and is used by physiotherapists specia- silica showed no cytotoxicity. Other stu- lizing in sport. It is also used by osteo- dies confirm the effectiveness in a great paths and physiologists. It encourages range of conditions of applying the G5 flexibility and healthy joints.
gel along with regular doses of G5 Sili- This product has a National
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply the silica gel on the affected areas 3-4 times per day or more if necessary, massa- ging it in lightly or applying a fine layer and leaving it to act. INGREDIENTS: Aqua, hydroxyethylcellullose, methylsilanol (organicsilica), Citrus grandis, glycerin, silica.
CONTAINER: 150 ml flexible tube or 500 ml canister with pump (without gas), which prevents direct contact with the air and thus ensures that it keeps its effectiveness from the first application to the last.
Organic Aloe vera with organic silica, aloe that has not been trea-
ted, pasteurized, or reconstituted from aloe powder nor extracted
by freezing or solvents, nor from concentrates. It contains 200 times
more natural nutrients, such as enzymes, amino acids, sterols and
minerals thanks to a unique and patented extraction process, ap-
proved by the University of Alcalá de Henares in Spain.
The G7 Aloe vera comes from an or- nic germanium, cleanse the organism. ganic producer in Andalusia. It is pro- With the help of the organic silica it eli- duced by a natural process patented minates toxins and heavy metals, thus by the University of Alcalá de Henares speeding up the cleansing of the liver.
by agronomy engineers and Doctors of biology. Harvest starts in September with quality control of the leaves, which This product has a National
are then peeled and cut by hand then ground up. The product is not pasteu- rized and it contains all the natural molecules, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes which, combined with orga- not DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake before use. Take 50 ml per day, on its own or mixed with your favourite juice. INGREDIENTS: Juice of fresh Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller), pulp 100% organic, organic silica. natural
Natural food grade preservative: potas- sium sorbate. Acidifier: citric acid. Contains 80,000 mg / liter of polysaccharides. Does not contain any artificial flavor, sweetener or colorant. Ingredients 100 % natural.
CONTAINER:Bottle of 1000 ml.
Cream rich in Fucus, Ruscus and Indian chestnut of organic origin,
emulsified in a base of organic silica concentrate. Very effective for
tired legs and varicose veins.
A high quality natural cream, rich in essential oils and plant extracts. Recommended for problems with legs, knees and ankles. Relaxes and soothes tired legs thanks to its cooling effect, giving a feeling of lightness and well being. It helps decongest and improves the circulation of tired legs, combining the benefits of G5 organic si- lica with Fucus, Ruscus and Indian chestnut of organic origin, plants specially chosen for their action on the circulation. It is the
only product of its kind on the market
and we guarantee and recommend it
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply as often as necessary, rubbing it in gently until it is fully absorbed. Work from the feet up the legs, rubbing it in especially around the ankles and knees. Do not use on skin that is irritated, on open wounds or on mucous areas. Avoid contact with the eyes.
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, methylsilanol (organic silica), essential oils of lemon, peppermint and mint, extracts of Ruscus aculeatus, Fucus vesiculosus and Vaccinium myrtil- lus, wheatgerm oil, sesame oil, beeswax, cacao butter and glycerin.
200 ml flacon with an airless pump system that prevents contact with the air, protects the product from oxidation and guarantees maximum fresh- ness from the first application to the last.
A gel with Hamamelis and organic silica for external use on intimate
Gel for external use to maintain the com- fort of intimate areas. The colon and the mucous membrane are made of epithe- lium with underlying connective tissue that maintains protection, secretion and This product has a National
According to the ‘Revista española de enfermedades digestivas', hemorrhoids are due to a weakness in this connective tissue. Silica has been shown in scienti- fic studies and in reality to be very ca- pable of regenerating connective tissue.
Hemosil has an immediate and lasting effect, and can be used regularly or oc- casionally. Combined with Hamamelis (witch hazel) and G5 organic silica in a non-greasy gel.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply Hemosil on intimate areas (anal or vaginal) as Aqua, Hamamelis extracts, silanetriol (organic silica), hydroxyethylcellulose, Citrus grandis, glycerine, silica.
CONTAINER:100 ml tube Thermoactive anti-cellulite cream with Yerba mate, ivy and Fucus
emulsified in a base of organic silica concentrate.
Reduces areas of accumulated fat with G5 organic silica, Yerba mate, ivy and Fucus (seaweed), with ingredients that stimulate microcirculation. 1. The 5th generation organic silica accelerates the crea- tion of new tissue and the elimination of old and sclerotic 2. Yerba mate from Argentina, called «the Jesuits herb», contains caffeine and antioxidants, activates the elimi- nation of accumulated fat and reduces the orange peel 3. Ivy extract is known for its vaso-active properties and helps revitalize the tissues while increasing blood flow. 4. Fucus vesiculosus is a seaweed rich in organic iodine which helps to dissolve cellulite nodules. Refreshing effects, tonifying and thermoactive (hot-cold). DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply once or twice per day on the affected area, on clean dry skin, rubbing it in briskly with a circular motion to ensure it is absorbed.
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, methylsilanol, alcohol denat, Fucus vesiculosus extract, Hedera helix extract, Ilex paraguariensis extract, menthol, camphor, carbomer, triethanolamine, diazolidinyl urea, sodium benzoate, potassium sor- bate, propyl gallate, vitamin E.
CONTAINER: 200 ml flacon with an airless pump system that prevents contact with the air, protects the product from oxidation and guarantees maximum freshness from the first application to the last. Contains silicium G5 and Echinacea for
sensitive or irritated skin. Soriaskin is
the ideal daily protection for skin that
tends to be dry, irritated or itchy. Pro-
tects and regenerates the skin.
Soriaskin contains organic silica G5 Loïc Le Ribault Formula with Equisetum arvense (horsetail) and Echinacea to counteract skin problems. Scientific studies demonstrate the significant effects of silica in the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin, and the very effective role it plays in the structure of Echinacea has been known and used since Antiquity for its beneficial properties. For the best results it is highly recommended to use Soriaskin in association with a regular dosage of organic silica G5 Siliplant. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply to the skin 3-4 times per day. Massage in fully. Soriaskin is not greasy and does not Aqua, methylsilanol, Equisetum arvense extract, Echinacea angustifolia root extract, pro- pylene glycol, carbomer, trietanolamine, diazolidinyl urea, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, tocopheryl acetate.
CONTAINER: 100 ml flacon with an airless pump system that prevents contact with the air, protects the product from oxidation and guarantees maximum freshness from the first application to the Organic cold-pressed virgin chia seed oil with 60% pure omega 3 of
plant origin, very hydrating. Because of the quality of its fatty acids
it does not leave the skin greasy.
Chia seed oil for cosmetic use. An DIRECTIONS FOR USE: extraordinary source of natural nutri- Apply 2-5 drops (depending on the state of the tion for your skin containing 60% pure skin) on the target area. Use morning and eve- omega-3 of plant origin, antioxidants ning on skin that is thoroughly cleansed.
and vitamins sourced direct from nature. INGREDIENTS: More than any other cosmetic product, it provides the benefits of effective hy- Oil from seeds of Salvia hispanica L.
dration and deep nourishment that is CONTAINER: entirely natural and without any pres- 50 ml dispenser bottle. Lasts 21-42 days.
ervatives. Penetrates the skin rapidly, leaving it smooth and silky, without any greasiness and with a pleasant plant fra- grance. This oil is rich in fatty acids and essential omegas with 60% omega-3. Chia oil contains also liposoluble vita- mins A and E and natural antioxidants. Applied externally, chia oil influences the metabolic processes of the skin and encourages the action of vitamins A (reti- nol) and E on the layer of the epidermis, while preventing the skin from drying out and acting as a natural barrier. Chia oil feeds, moisturizes and regene- rates the cutaneous tissues of the skin and the face, restoring all its splendor. It helps to prevent and to reduce lines of expression and wrinkles due to age. It is also recommended as an effective treat- ment for rings and bags under the eyes. Serum Regenerating + Essential Elixir Serum with tepezcohuite and rose damascena in a base of concen-
trated silica, along with a blend of natural oils.
An anti-age serum with organic silica king them even more effective. Silicium that firms the skin, reducing lines and Serum + Elixir contain organic silica of giving a facelift effect. Activates cellular the fifth generation as well as natural renewal, stimulates the cells to produce oils, assuring the regeneration of the skin collagen and restructures elastin, redu- in depth. Has immediate positive results.
cing noticeably the depth of wrinkles. These effects are made possible thanks to the action of Silica G5 as the base. This product has a National
The silica molecule carries the natural ingredients into the core of the cells, ma- DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply the serum on the face and neck, then massage in a few drops of the blended oils. Use morning and evening on skin that is tho- roughly cleansed.
Serum: Organic silica of the
fifth generation, natural extracts of tepezcohuite and essential oil of Rosa damascena. Essential Elixir: All the po-
tency of essential oils of Rosa moschata, apricot kernel, whea- tgerm, orange, palmarosa and lavender. The ideal complement to the serum, providing nutrition and elasticity for the skin.
Box containing a 50 ml dispen- ser bottle and 20 ml dropper Este producto dispone de Código
Nacional de Farmacia.
A fluid cream created for cellular Nutrition, combining an emulsion
of organic silica with oils of wild rose, beeswax, cocoa butter and
other essential oils.
Provides intensive nourishment for the skin, making it firmer and reducing This product has a National
signs of fatigue. Improves the com- plexion, leaving the skin feeling ultra- smooth and soft. Counteracts the signs DIRECTIONS FOR USE: of fatigue, making the skin luminous Apply morning and evening to clean skin with and satiny. You will notice an overall light circular movements. Moisturizing day improvement from the first application, cream, can be used as make-up base. since Silicium Wild Rose minimizes expression lines. The combination of organic silica as the base of the cream Organic silica fifth generation, oil of wild with the essential oils and wild rose rose from Chile, beeswax, cacao butter, wheatgerm oil, essential oils of lavender and amplifies their in-depth effects on the skin, imparting nutrition and luminosity.
50 ml dispenser bottle in a box.
Extract of grapefruit and pomegranate seed, blackcurrant and ace-
rola providing 1222 mg of bioflavonoids and polyphenols in a wa-
ter base without alcohol. For the immune and digestive systems.
A concentrated liquid food supple- addition to polyphenols which play a ment with extracts of grapefruit and very positive role in maintaining health. pomegranate seed, blackcurrant and Its acerola, one of the richest sources acerola, rich in bioflavonoids and vita- of vitamin C, provides 12 mg of it per mins, with ingredients from certified day. Contains 1222 mg of bioflavo- organic sources. Contains high doses noids and polyphenols per 100 ml. of antioxidants in the form of bioflavo- noids - naringin, isonaringin, hesperi- din and rutin – which are involved in many metabolic processes as well as in protection against free radicals, in This product has a National
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dilute 15 drops (0.7 ml) in a glass of water or juice (100 ml) and take before meals 3 times per day. CONSERVATION: Keeps for up to 2 years. Best kept in a cool place out of direct light.
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), pomegra- nate (Punica granatum L.), blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.), acerola (Malpighia punicifolia) and fructose, all organic, with citric acid and 100 ml dropper bottle.
Provides lutein, l-phenylalanine, taurine, glutathione, beta carotene,
zinc, superoxydedismutase, selenomethionine, zeaxanthin, as-
taxanthin plus 7 other nutrients that have been shown in clinical
tests to be good for the sight.
Each capsule provides 17 natural in- DIRECTIONS FOR USE: gredients that are the most effective in Take 2 capsules per day in the morning.
improving eyesight. More than any other organ of the body, the eyes tend INGREDIENTS: to degenerate because of certain dama- ging habits, the attack of free radicals Aqua, lutein 5% 200mg, blueberries (Vacci- nium myrtillus L.) 100mg, vitamin C (l-ascorbic and other factors, to say nothing of the acid) 90mg, L-phenylalanine 50mg, taurine lack of key nutrients essential for eye 50mg, Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cus- health. The normal diet does not pro- pidatum Siebold and Zucc.) 50mg, reduced vide the nutrients that the body requires glutathione 50mg, citrus bioflavonoids 50mg, to counteract the damaging impact from beta carotene (vitamin A) 48mg, zinc gluco- computer screens and mobile devices, nate 38.38mg, vitamin E (dl-alfa-tocopherol from excessive exposure to sunlight acetate) 50% 30mg, SOD (superoxydedis- and visual fatigue. However help with mutase) 25mg, selenomethionine 11mg, improving the eyesight is available from zeaxanthin 10mg, copper gluconate 3.6mg, natural sources. Orgono Optimum Vi- retinol acetate (vitamin A) 2.66mg, astaxan- sion provides antioxidant nutrients and Excipients: bulking agent (maltodextrin), anti- support for eye health that slows down caking agents (silica dioxide and magnesium the effects they suffer from aging. The stearate), coating (gelatin).
diversity of its active principles gives this product a unique synergy and effective- Pot containing 60 capsules of 556 mg.
17 nutrients
Improves the quality of sleep, contains California poppy, scutellaria,
GABA, hops, passionflower and 7 other active principles that encou-
Combines 12 naturally soothing ingre- we do not sleep well, but most often it dients which, as soon as they are taken, is stress or anxiety that prevents it. One induce a feeling of relaxation and calm solution is to take a product like Orgono which leads progressively to sleep. Somnia which contains soothing and Some of these enhance the biochemical relaxing plant extracts that prompt the processes that take place in the brain production of melatonin, which induces at night and help assimilate the informa- sleep.
tion taken in during the day. This quality sets Orgono Somnia apart from other products available, while having no adverse effect on one's perception the following day.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take 2 capsules per day before bed.
To have a good day it is essential to INGREDIENTS: have had a good night's rest. Without For 2 capsules, twelve synergistic active ingre- this we are less efficient the following dients: day. There may be many reasons why California poppy (Eschscholzia californica Cham.) 250mg, scutellaria (Scutellaria bai- calensis Georgi) 250mg, GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) 200mg, magnesium citrate 200mg, broad-leaved lime (Tilia platy- phyllos Scop.) 150mg, hops (Humulus lupulus L.) 100mg, valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.) 100mg, passionflower (Passiflora incarnata L.) 100mg, L-tryptophane 100mg, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) 50mg, verbena (Verbe- na officinalis L.) 50mg, marjoram (Origanum majorana L.) 50mg.
Excipients: bulking agent (microcrystalline cel- lulose), anti-caking agents (silica dioxide and magnesium stearate), coating (gelatin).
CONTAINER: Pot containing 60 capsules of 943 mg.
Contains Cordiceps, Astragalus, sun mushroom, shiitake mushroom,
tufted polypore, Lingzhi mushroom, colostrum and 10 other active
principles that benefit the immune system.
Formulated from the 17 best and most INGREDIENTS: innovative active principles and adap- For 2 capsules: togens connected with the body's de- Cordiceps (Cordyceps sinensis (B.) Saccardo) fense mechanisms. Contains ingredients 280mg, Astragalus (Astragalus membrana- that enhance the body's capacity to ceus Moench) 200mg, oats (Avena sativa respond to adverse situations and that L.) 200mg, sun mushroom (Agaricus blazei contribute to maintaining energy during Murill) 160mg, OxxyneaTM (fruit and vege- table concentrate) 80mg, shiitake mushroom convalescence. Helps to limit the ad- (Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler) 80mg, tufted verse consequences of modern life.
polypore (Grifola frondosa) 80mg, Lingzhi Created to provide the most beneficial mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) 80mg, gra- properties from natural ingredients pefruit (Citrus x paradisi Macfad.) 80mg, pro- tested in several studies that have polis 80mg, colostrum 80mg, goji berries (Ly- demonstrated their effectiveness. The cium barbarum L.) 80mg, Japanese knotweed adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms (Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold and Zucc.) present in the product help the body to 50mg, Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea (L.) adapt to the environment and increase Moench) 50mg, SOD (superoxydedismutase) its resistance, thanks to a wide range 50mg, curcumin (Curcuma longa L.) 40mg, Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinona) 20mg. of effects that enhance one's overall Allergens: Contains milk products. state. Essentially it favours balance and Excipients: bulking agent (microcrystalline cel- lulose), anti-caking agents (silica dioxide and Orgono Defender is food supplement magnesium stearate), coating (gelatin).
containing plants, mushrooms, propolis, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Coen- CONTAINER: Pot containing 60 capsules of 993 mg.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take 2 capsules per day in the morning.
Neuro-accelerator combining Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine,
ginseng, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Cordiceps sinensis and 8 other
active principles that enhance cerebral functions.
The efficiency of the brain diminishes DIRECTIONS FOR USE: with age due to the degradation of the Take 2 capsules per day in the morning.
neurotransmitters that are essential to maintaining memory and mental agi- lity. Age, stress and pollution accelerate Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri (L.) Pennell) this neuronal degeneration, which can 300mg, phosphatidylserine 20% 200mg, eventually cause conditions such as ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) Alzheimer's disease. It is possible to 200mg, Eleutherococcus (Eleutherococcus protect oneself against these problems senticosus (Rupr. and Maxim.) Maxim.) with the use of ingredients verified by 200mg, DHA in microcapsules 20% 200mg, certain scientific studies. Orgono Inte- Cordiceps (Cordiceps sinensis (B.) Saccardo) lectio comprises 13 active principles 150mg, soya lecithin 100mg, SOD (supe- shown to be effective in increasing roxydedismutase) 50mg, vitamine E (dl-alfa- cerebral response and in protection of tocopheryl acetate) 50% 24mg, vitamin B3 cognitive functions. It is a unique pro- (nicotinamide) 10mg, NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) 4mg, vitamin B6 (pyri- duct thanks to the properties imparted doxine chlorhydrate) 88% 3.2mg, vitamin by its components.
B12 (cyanocobalamine) 1% 0.3mg.
Excipients: bulking agent (talc and microcrys- talline cellulose), anti-caking agents (silica dioxide and magnesium stearate), coating Allergens: Contains soya and fish pro- Pot containing 60 capsules of 868 mg.
For the cardiovascular system: contains Monascus purpureus, resve-
ratrol and DHA.
This product has a National
A natural product combining the known containing 70% DHA 50 mg, trans-resveratrol health benefits of red rice yeast with (Vitis vinifera L. + Polygonum cuspidatum) 10 those of resveratrol and DHA. Contains mg, soya lecithin, soya oil, glyceryl monostea- top quality ingredients specifically cho- rate, glycerin. sen for optimal functioning of the cardio- CONTAINER: vascular system. Orgono Col contains Pot containing 90 capsules (soft gelatin) of an extract of a strain of Monascus pur- 700 mg.
pureus that supplies monacoline K, a natural statin. In a study carried out in the United States a composite of mona- coline K proved to be as effective as the pharmaceutical statin pravastatin, and was more easily tolerated (Tolerability of red yeast rice versus pravastatin in patients with previous statin intolerance, Halbert SC, et al, Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Univer- sity of Pennsylvania, USA). As for resveratrol, most of the related research highlights its role in protec- ting cardiovascular health as well as its anti-aging effects. Orgono Col includes DHA, an active principle that also sup- ports the cardiovascular system.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take 1 every day with meals. Do not take with any other treatment for cholesterol.
INGREDIENTS: Red rice yeast (Monascus purpureus) 125 mg, which provides 5 mg de Lovast (4%), fish oil Seeds of organic chia (Salvia hispanica) of certified origin from Boli-
via and Mexico, cultivated at high altitude. The superfood with the
highest percentage of Omega-3.
We have tracked down the mythical more effective than blueberries, thanks seeds of the Chia plant (Salvia hispa- to their great concentration of biofla- nica) of the Labiate family (Lamiaceae), vonoids. They also impart a feeling of one that both the Aztecs and the Maya fullness which is helpful in a weight loss appreciated for its special qualities program. which they attributed in fact to the gods. The Aztecs were very familiar with its This food source contains: 700% more omega-3 than Atlantic sal- The seeds contain a record number of 100% more fiber than any wholegrain nutrients, the essential fatty acids ome- cereal.
ga-3 and omega-6, vitamins, antioxi- 800% more phosphorus than whole dants, fibers and essential amino acids. milk.
It is a product with many virtues that 500% more calcium than milk.
can be used in many ways, for example 1400% more magnesium than broccoli.
for extra nutrition, in losing weight, 100% more potassium than bananas.
detoxing, etc. Studies have shown that 200% more iron than spinach.
chia seeds can have a very beneficial 300% more selenium than flax.
effect on many conditions resulting from deficiencies. They have an extraordi- nary capacity as an antioxidant, even Orgono Chia seeds are the best quality seeds available, and are not processed or irradiated. Unlike those from Austra- lia or China, they are grown at high altitude in Bolivia and in Mexico, in conditions that give them most of their exceptional properties. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take 2-4 level soupspoonfuls per day.
INGREDIENTS: Whole seeds of Salvia hispanica L.
CONTAINER: Pot of 500 g, lasts on average 21-42 days.
Dietary supplement recommended for sports people, with synergis-
tic active principles of organic silica and glycine.
Recommended in times of stress and DIRECTIONS FOR USE: intensive training as well as for trea- Intensive dosage: 3 capfuls per day (90 ml). ting injuries. After a few weeks of Maintenance dosage: 1capful of 30 ml per treatment with silica, ligaments and day. Take 10 minutes before meals and in the tendons recover their elasticity and re- morning before eating.
sistance, reducing the effects of injury. INGREDIENTS: Remarkable improvements are seen Aqua, glycine, silicic acid, Equisetum arvense, especially with chronic injuries, which rosmarinic acid.
are commonly the cause of problems in the locomotive system.
Bottle of 1000 ml, lasts on average 20-30 Organic silica is indispensable in the days.
regeneration of collagen fibers as it stimulates the production of prolil hy- droxylase, an enzyme essential to the production of abundant, good quality collagen in the joint fibers. It also im- proves the quality of elastine. In fact silica is necessary for the renewal, repair and rejuvenation of the tissues As for glycine, recent studies by pres- tigious biochemists have shown that this basic amino acid is fundamental to our organism but is produced natu- rally in small amounts, thus the body never has enough of it. The additional glycine also helps to prevent and to ward off problems with the regenera- tion of collagen in the joints.
Pure organic silica concentrated in a gel for external application
to joints and skin. Stimulates the regeneration of molecules in the
connective tissue. Excellent penetration and rapid action.
Recommended for all kinds of joint pro- ticity of tendons and joints in general. blems relating to sport, including the It facilitates the synthesis of connective overuse of tendons and joint injuries tissue with fibroblasts, improving mine- in general. Is absorbed rapidly when ralization. These qualities make it very applied to the affected areas.
useful in boosting recovery from pro- blems incurred in sport.
It has been proved that organic silica A natural product for topical applica- applied externally helps to stimulate tion, to soothe and regenerate joint collagen production, and therefore im- tissues and make them more flexible. proves the strength, resistance and elas- Used increasingly by professionals in the world of sport for its great effective- ness in treating injuries.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply Orgono Gel on the affected areas 3-4 times per day or more if necessary, massaging it in lightly or applying a fine layer and leaving it to act. INGREDIENTS: Aqua, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylsilanol (organic silica), Citrus grandis, glycerin, silica.
CONTAINER: 150 ml tube.
SPORT SUPPLEMENTS Cream to use before training that helps oxygenate the muscles and
afterwards to help recovery. Contains Fucus, Ruscus and sweet
chestnut from organic sources, blended in a base of organic silica
Recommended to be used before exercise to warm up the muscles and afterwards to relax muscles and joints, especially when the muscular effort is more extreme, as with intensive training and aerobics. Helps to oxygenate the muscles and to recover from intensive DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply as often as necessary, rubbing it in gently to the muscle until it is fully absorbed. Do not apply on irritated skin, injuries or raw flesh. Avoid contact with the eyes.
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, methylsilanol (organic silica), essential oils of lemon, peppermint and mint, extracts of Ruscus aculeatus, Fucus vesiculosus and Vac- cinium myrtillus, wheatgerm oil, sesame oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and glycerin.
CONTAINER: 200 ml canister with an airless pump system that prevents contact with the air, protects the product from oxidation and guarantees maxi- mum freshness from the first application to the SPORT SUPPLEMENTS There follows a selection of quotations from books and journals from Britain (HM Health Matters, CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine), USA (Acres USA, Eating for Beauty), France (Pratiques de Santé) and Spain (Dsalud, Athanor, Medi- cina Holística, Diario Avui) which in the last few years have made consistently positive comments on Silicium España's Orgono products and on the whole range based on Dr. Le Ribault's silica.
«Orgono Living Silica - This is one of the more powerful healing products in the market. Suffice to say, this silica is miraculous. It comes to you in the form of an ionized liquid silica water.» Extract from Eating for Beauty by the American guru David Wolfe, author of many books and enthusiastic leader of the ‘Rawfoodist' movement.
«Now, let's fast forward to November 23, 2005. Chiropractor/physician Richard Olree was handling the puck in a tightly contested hockey game. Olree's crash into the goal and other human flesh left him with a torn rotor cup, three months of convalescence, and hardly 50 percent repair a year and a half later. A damaged arm is no asset for a chiropractor. We had just finished Minerals for the Genetic Code at the time, and number 40 [silica] on the Olree Standard Periodic Genetic Chart was fresh in mind. It may have been serendipitous, but a rare book on a researcher's work with silica, Loïc Le Ribault's The Cost of a Discovery landed on my desk at some uncertain point during Olree's bout of suffering. Repea- ted cortisone shots hadn't helped very much. Surgery merely seemed to ask for an indifference to more pain. The best case scenario was that Olree would have to do without about 50 percent of his former skills. After a few months of treatment with the living silica described in Le Ribault's book, however, he achieved nearly 100 percent recovery. Amazed at the results, he now includes this special silica in his practice». Silica and the Microbes Kiss' by Charles Walters, in Austin Acres, monthly organic agriculture magazine, Texas, October 2007. «Essential for collagen formation, silica is now known to be vital for healthy bones, cartilage and connective tissue (including ligaments, tendons, arteries, the aorta and trachea), as well as for hair skin and nails.3 It is also said to help strengthen teeth and gums, heal burns and wounds, as well as rebuild and maintain the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. As we age, collagen formation becomes less efficient and silicon levels in the body also decline. It is believed that these two factors contribute to age-related conditions such as wear and tear on joints, osteoporosis, wrinkled skin and hardening of the arteries». ‘Silica', by Sue McGeoch (qualified nutritionist), in Health Matters magazine, December 2008 «Osteoarthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis and painful joints are among some of the conditions for which organic silica has known benefits. The roles of calcium and vitamin D for promoting bone health are well known, but it was the work of Edith Carlisle, at UCLA´s School of Public Health in the early 1970s that first highlighted silicon´s importance in this area. Silicon has been found to influence bone formation by affecting the composition of cartilage. Carlisle found silicon was localised in areas of active growth of bones and that the more mature the bones, the lower the levels of silicon. According to research nutritionists Carol Seaborn and Forrest Nielsen, there is little doubt that silicon deprivation affects bone health. They go on to explain that because silicon apparently affects the ini- tiation and rate of calcification of bone, it may be an important factor in disorders characterised by an imbalance between bone formation and resorption. And because silicon affects cartilage composition including articular cartilage, Seaborn and Nielsen suggest inadequate dietary silicon "may be of consequence in some joint disorders such as osteoarthritis». Promoting healthy bones and cartilages, CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) journal, February 2009, London.
«Silicon has been long suspected to be important in maintaining health in humans. Some reports des- cribed therapeutic successes in treating numerous diseases, including atherosclerosis, hypertension and dermatitis (.) In 1972, it was reported that silicon was essential for bone formation.About the same time, other reports appeared suggesting, like earlier reports, that inadequate dietary silicon may contri- bute to some cases of atherosclerosis and hypertension, in addition to some bone disorders and the aging process. Since then, reports have periodically appeared that give further support for silicon being nutritionally important in preventing some chronic diseases associated with aging. Surprisingly, these reports seem to have been generally ignored or considered inconsequential by clinical and nutritional professionals, media personnel or the general public. For 20 years, the battle of bringing attention to the nutritional importance of silicon has been essentially fought by Dr. Edith Carlisle.Recently, we decided to join the fray».
Article: Silicon: a nutritional beneficence for bones, brains and blood vessels? by Carol D. Seaborn and F. Nielsen in Nutrition Today magazine, August 1993. «…It acts as an enhancer element of the prolihydroxilase (important enzyme that synthesizes collagen), as demonstrated by Carlisle. With its ability to restore the bio-electrical balance of the extracellular matrix, it is capable to act by regulating the viscosity of the ground substance, which is the basic for its proper functioning. (.) It is involved in the formation of connective tissue to which gives consistency and resistance, the ion balance and water metabolism in these tissues. The scientist Schwartz found 500 ppm of silica in combination with hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, dermatan, heparan, and in the skin collagen and tendons, between 1000 and 2000 ppm silica as silanolate formed by bridges that constitutes the structural organization of glycosaminoglycans and polyuronides. The work of Carlisle confirm this structural aspect of silica in the connective tissue, as a unifying element between polysac- charides and proteins. Schwartz and Carlisle have found the importance of silicon in case of osteoge- nesis. It has been shown that silica deficient animals suffered at the same time a deficiency of organic bone matrix (collagen) and cartilage and that the problem could be corrected through a contribution in silicon. A low silica diet causes a delay in growth and weakens the bone tissue and cartilaginous joints, adversely affecting collagen formation and mineralization of bone.» Holistic Medicine magazine, no. 76, July 2006.
Association of Complementary Medicines.
«Silica has the reputation of being a panacea (…). It is totally indispensable to the body, which needs it to maintain the flexibility and the integrity of most of the organic tissues. Silica, a legendary product in natural medicine (…) protects the bones and the joints».
Pratiques de santé magazine, Editions Port Royal, February 2007 «…Its positive action has been observed in young people suffering from sports injuries, as in a case of ‘tennis elbow' unresponsive to other treatments and requiring surgery, which was put right in just a few weeks. The same effect has been verified in race horses with lesions that prevented them from racing and which did not respond to conventional treatments, but which were put right thanks to this product.».
«Organic silica», Athanor magazine, October 2006 «Degenerative arthritis or arthrosis. The strengthening effect of silica on connective tissue can be deduced from its effects (which should not be described as therapeutic) on degenerative arthritis or arthrosis, conditions that so often exhibit the degeneration and even the disappearance of peri-articular connective tissue and lack of elasticity in these tissues. Generally, arthritis cases respond rapidly with just one dose of 20 mg of silica per day. The response is slower where the arthrosis has progressed further and there- fore requires a stronger dose. But in most cases, whether more or less serious, there is a positive response ranging from a lessening of pain to an improvement i n joint mobility and scope of movement. This suggests that these people are suffering from a lack of silica, which is corrected by using an effective supplement that brings the level back to normal. We do not consider this as therapeutic, since it should be a part of a balanced diet.'». «Silica and degenerative diseases of the bones», presentation 29 given by the scientist D.Enrique Ronda Laín, 19 April 1995. Silicium España has inherited the work of Loïc Le Ribault and holds the intellectual pro- perty rights to this work. Through the Association Internationale Loïc Le Ribault, we are continuing research to understand the different ways in which silica acts in the body. Once its importance is established, our studies will prove officially something that very many therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists and practitioners of natural medicine already know: the necessity of applying regular doses of silica for many different pathologies in order to obtain rapid and long lasting results. The remarkable results obtained in many fields justify this wide-ranging work for the good of humanity. It is with this aim always in mind that we have been working for the last 12 years.


Review of drug and alcohol treatments in prison and community settings

Review of Drug and Alcohol Treatments in Prison and Community Settings A Systematic Review Conducted on Behalf of the Prison Health Research Network Amanda J Roberts, Adrian J Hayes, Julie Carlisle & Jenny Shaw The University of Manchester This project was commissioned and funded by Offender Health in the Department of Health, via the Prison Health Research Network. Thanks to Maria Leitner, Wally Barr, Nat Wright, Mike Farrell, Charlie Brooker, David Marteau and Jane Senior for invaluable assistance during the writing of this report.