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RFID in MEDICARE RFID in Denmark 2014 RFID/IOT integrated in object solutions Partner in iPack VINN Excellence Center
- A Research Innovation Platform in Area of
Intelligent RFID solutions for Smart Package -

Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas Åhlström

Introduction of the
Internet Of Things!


2009 Nov 9 Mon
• iMedBox developed by Ambigua Medito and iPack • Mediated interaction between pharmaceutical package, patient, and remote doctor NO 5mg 1 tablet
• Enabled by RFID, cloud computing and communication•Pervasive healthcare and Doctor: Thomas Johnson +46-xxxxxxxxx Tramadol 50mg 1-2 tablets per day if necessary ICECARE - Björn Söderberg, Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas Åhlström

• Cellular Alarm • Wetspot bed alarm • Crossing Guard • Incontinence Sensor • Smoke detector • Temperature Sensor • Motion Sensor • Epilepsy Sensor • Fall Detector ICECARE - Björn Söderberg, Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas Key Features
for our home monitoring system  Proven and operational in the NHS
 Informing CCGs and community providers in the development of Virtual Wards, Telehealth and Case  Secure WEB access via the N3 Network enables organisations to view data at local offices/clinics  Presented via Long Term Condition Dashboards  Monthly refresh aids intervention effectiveness tracking  Condition reporting in line with new QOF standard. Include COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease; Multiple Sclerosis and Renal malfunction  End of Life Care Dashboard: Gold Standard Framework;  A number of measures and indicators identify patients in palliation; Prognostic indicators for COPD patients  Polypharmacy Dashboard - allows filtering on the number of unique drugs prescribed in the last 90 days.
 Readmission Analysis: Readmission within 30 days and over 30 days (i.e. within 90 days).
ICECARE - Björn Söderberg, Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas ICECARE - Björn Söderberg, Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas Challenges for Governments
1) Groth of health care costs
2) Aging population
3) Shortage of specialists
4) Burden of chronic diseases
ICECARE - Björn Söderberg, Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas ICECARE - Björn Söderberg, Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas HomeCare Storage Box System Purpose• Improve quality of elderly/medical care• Eliminate mistakes, increase security in medicine • Tracing patients, medications, supplies
• Early warning and record of tracked data
• Medication reminders with automatic alert
• Alert when medication is due/out of time
• Alert when incorrect dose is taken from the box
• Avoid to take wrong medicine or in false time
• Patients/Doctors/Nurses/Care personnel has access only
to the right box contents and information out of the system • Patient's history can be retrieved from database RFID Key Management System ICECARE - Björn Söderberg, Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas IoT Sensor Platform Database
Get CurrentDate from real time clock of the system • Development for the sensor platfrom Get ThisPatientID from RFID Reader or predefine in software • Make a comple system- Engineering work• SOA, and Web-based Services SELECT PrescriptionID FROM DB.Prescription WHERE • Used for iMedBox, { PatientID==ThisPatientID AND FinishDate>=CurrentDate }; SELECT StartDate FROM DB.Prescription WHERE { PatientID==ThisPatientID AND FinishDate>=CurrentDate }; SELECT DoseID FROM DB.DoseList WHERE { PrescriptionID==ThisPrescriptionID AND Retrieve all columns based on ThisDoseIDs ….
ICECARE - Björn Söderberg, Ambigua Medito AB – Lucas Patient / Nursewith RFID fob Access room keysTake right medicines RFID + Man down signal Reminder / Warningdisplay RFID Key Management System How box/key cabinets are used Picking up goods
1. Identification by RFID card / fingerprint / PIN code
2. Care personnel has access to keys / box contents with rights
3. Take away keys (room-, car-, flat-) or/and Take away pills, tools,
mobile, etc. from boxes 4. Weight is scaled inside the box5. Cabinet door can be closed Returning goods
1. Identification by RFID card (same as used for access system)
2. Key can be returned at any position
3. Item can be put back into the box
4. Weight is scaled and compared to previous value
5. Alarm in case wieghts do not match or item is overdue
6. Cabinet door can be closed
7. Every movement is logged, registered and can be monitored
remotely or can be retrieved easily
RFID Key Management System Box Management Advantages
• Right persons will have access to the content in right time• All items are stored in a safe place• Manage boxes centrally for several buildings• Automatic Real time tracking of usage (who used it before – view reports from Log) • Plan usage (book boxes in advance and reserve them)• Controlled access to keys and box contents• Define rights and groups on demand for users and personnel• Security – only authorized staff has access• Protection against theft and sabotage• Box cabinet can invoke an external alarm• Boxes are securely locked by electronic locks• Grant temporary access remotely for external workers• Increases efficiency and reduces cost RFID Key Management System Value Storage System properties
• Integrated industrial embedded computer with Touch screen• Built-in database and web server • Remote management and administration using web-browser• Easy integration with access control and alarm systems using web services and XML based interface and HW outputs • Optional RFID based item identification inside the box• Optional weighing stamp in the box• Data synchronisation between cabinets (key/box-cabinets in network)• Booking system (to reserve a key/box in advance)• Flexibility to manufacture tailor-made solutions according to your needs• Storage box modules and key modules can be combined within one • Cabinets are expandable by adding new key- or box-modules later as RFID Key Management System Vision for the future Embedded electronic solutions Today's metrology1 laborant = 1 000 testes / yearWith individual RFID-applications1 laborant = 17 000 testes / year The platform, based on wireless sensor network (WSN), dual-layer coherent architecture and consists of main sensor nodes (MN's) a complete system by developing application-oriented user interface and data mining tool suiting the needs.
One MN and multiple SN's could, via short range wireless link, form a WSN cell to cover a
certain area/space.
MN collects data from SN's and sends operation instructions to them. Multiple such WSN cells can cover a much wide area.
A MN sends via GSM/GPRS network data from all sensors within a cell to the server
(database) and the server and sensor nodes is dual-directional, and making it possible for
server at any time to reconfigure the working
This is the future system from Ambigua Medito production
In combination with RFID Its an outstanding solution.
Make it, take it and place it – before is to late!
From bad vision thru a IOT connected brightness!
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