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and friends of Mishkan Shalom March 2015 - Adar/Nissan 5775 IT'S PURIM!
Sunday, March 1, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
A Sensory-Friendly
Sunday, March 1, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
From Purim to Pesach
and All Places Along the Way
at Or Hadash
by Rabbi Shawn Zevit Happy Adar everyone! As you read this Purim is upon us Wednesday, March 4, 6:30 pm
with a host of Purim-related activities from our March 1st Purim carnival in the morning that we will share with Or Hadash at their building and the sensory sensitive & Community Celebration
Celebrations carnival at Mishkan Shalom the same day,
through our Wednesday 6:30pm, March 4th Megillah
reading and shpeils.
Purim has its joyful and holy invitation to the sacred. We read the well-crafted drama of the Purim story from the INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Hebrew Bible, Megillat (The Scroll of) Esther; Celebrate
with a festive meal- seudat Purim; give tzedakah directly
Rabbi's Letter .1 to those in need- mattanot l'evyonim, not through third
President's Letter .3 parties; give mishloach manot - deliver festive goodies
to friends. We are encouraged to connect deeply with Congregational School .5 the Purim story, dress up in masks and costumes, hiding as it were, just like Esther did until her Uncle Mordechai challenges her and supports her to reveal her true Tikkun Olam .8 Jewish identity. Even the Talmud discusses the practice B'nai Mitzvah .9 of drinking "spirits" on Purim to the extent we can no longer tell who is good and evil, and are less able to Contributions .11 make these distinctions within ourselves in order to reveal our true selves. The Hebrew word for secret "sod" and wine "yayin" have the same numerical value of
Acts of Caring .13 seventy in Hebrew letter count. Our tradition teaches: Yahrzeits .14 wine releases the secret! Esther's name is derived from T'filot .15 the word for that which is hidden or "nistar". We enter
(continued on next page) by Rabbi Shawn Zevit (continued from the previous page) films and other guest speakers as you can see in the story, inhabit the roles, claim our true heritage the Mishkan Shalom calendar ( and identity, then celebrate and release our tightly We are front and center in the POWER wound self-images. community organizing initiatives and discussions on race. We have received the honor of hosting There is also the shadow side of the Purim story- the Philadelphia Board of Rabbis meeting in our the book of Esther ends with our people being building for the second time this month. Our Library, given the authority by the Persian king to defend Life-Long Learning, New Jim Crow, Sustainability, ourselves against those who were going to wipe Teen VAAD/Noar Hadash social group/Leadership us out and we do- by killing many. We also run the Seminar, Mishkan School, Membership and Spiritual risk of characterizing other people in harsh terms, Life, Fundraising and other groups are all busy with becoming triumphal ourselves and characterizing ongoing efforts. I hope you will look at your own other peoples as "out to get us", or ultimately hiding areas of involvement at Mishkan Shalom and see behind new masks. where you might plug in in new or additional areas. There is nothing more powerful than participation As you will see in the rest of Kol Shalom, this to give you a feeling of connection, community and month is filled with what is becoming a hallmark of commitment and to help you grow and learn about our increased Shabbat and overall programming at yourself and others.
Mishkan Shalom this year- the abundance of inspiring opportunities to pray, learn, serve, connect and build relationships and engage in acts of justice and In the midpoint of another ambitious programming compassion. We have a stimulating guest speaker month, Purim arrives! I will hold the polarities of my Moriel Rothman-Zecher, who is working on non- interest and my ambivalence to the themes in the violent activism in Israel and Palestine at a special Purim story. I feel that this is actually in keeping with added potluck Friday March 6th followed by a Esther's own journey towards self-revelation and return of our guest musical leader Jessi Roemer for values-clarification, and what we as Jews, partners services. We will celebrate Livia Kleiner's bat mitzvah and allies wrestle with in building a community on Saturday March 7th. Rabbi Yael, Julie Benioff, where we do the dance of being safe enough to hide Rabbi Phyllis Berman and I along with others will out and be loved for our patterns and viewpoints, be offering a variety of learning opportunities and and strive to grow, unmask our surface presentation Shabbat services in the month ahead, including our and together discover the deeper Divine potential first Rosh Hodesh/Kabbalat Shabbat mash-up March locked in each of us. To this end I look forward to 20th and a special Shabbat morning session led by what we will discover as we cast our lots (pur)
Rabbi Yael on March 28th on preparing for Passover together and unroll the scroll of our own stories and which arrives the first Friday of April this year our people's stories for all to hear once more. Chag
(Remember no Jewish holiday is ever early or late- Purim sameach - and here's to the turn we make
they are always right on schedule!). towards our own renewed liberation and Exodus in We are sponsoring or co-sponsoring wonderful the weeks ahead.
President's Letter Why I Serve at Mishkan Shalom-
marvel - was too much to be contained in a religion which did not speak to me - no matter how revered by sages, clergy, or other devotees. A few weeks ago we had a Community Shabbat at
My path in my teens, 20's, 30's took me East to the homes of several members. I hosted one and Hinduism and Yoga, Buddhism and pure nature it was a wonderful night! We shared an evening immersion - paths that connected me to others who of Shabbat ritual, dining and telling stories of our
had a shared a recognition of the sacredness of all "Jewish Journey". Each member shared a unique and moments and all beings, smallest to the largest and uniting story that left us feeling more connected. beyond. As a Jew, it seemed to me that the Hindu Here is my story, in two installments, one this month, pantheon merged into one-god, a tool for accessing one next month. Being an active member of Mishkan and uplifting the sacredness of incarnating as a being has never been more extraordinary and relevant. I simultaneously separate from and inseparable from hope that you will consider sharing your story in Kol
the unbearably blissful divine unity from which all life springs forth. The synagogue of my youth rarely spoke to me of these things. And when the stories With "unaffiliated" as the largest growing did speak of miracles, they were of a supernatural denomination of Jews in America, Mishkan Shalom type - a burning bush or a parting sea - and seemed and the Reconstructionist/Renewal movement to ignore the natural miracles of a bush, a sea, offers viable vibrant options for meaningful and soul- chopping wood, carrying water, life and the love and nourishing Jewish practices and social engagement. I caring of friends, family, community and planet.
think we are at the cutting edge of a Jewish renewal in America, reconstructing what it is to be Jewish in I always felt Jewish, however. The love of my Jewish ways that are relevant, joyful, and inspirational. I was family first-generation immigrant elders linked me not always so excited about engaging Jewishly as my to my Jewish lineage and to their lives, which in part, spiritual or social action path. Let me explain.
inspired me to become an immigration lawyer. Elders born in "Russia" who escaped the Czar and Cossack I grew up in a Reform Jewish community which, from spears and pogroms; who were grateful to be in early on, failed to engage me, failed to speak to me America where they could live lives of commerce in ways that made sense to me, and did not speak to and whose children could become professionals, my soul's yearning for spiritual community [Hevrah],
doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, and not meaningful prayer [Davening] and service [Avodah],
accosted by Cossacks, largely free to assimilate into divine mystery [Ein Sof], musar [ethical and moral
the safe refuge of modern American lives. Secular development], loving kindness [Hesed], justice and
Jews, with ample financial security and power repair of the world [Tikkun Olam]. These are the
however, mostly relinquished the ritual, Torah study words and ways I learned from other traditions first. and observant practices of traditional Judaism that Only later, when I encountered Mishkan Shalom and that forced their parents to flee for their lives. Free the Reconstruction/Renewal Movement, did I come in America to practice and live openly as Jews, most to learn just how powerfully these aspects of Jewish chose to relinquish Jewish practices and assimilate, tradition were being reconstructed and renewed while retaining a nominal or symbolic set of into a modern Judaism that speaks so clearly to my "practices" and a strong Jewish secular identity.
heart, mind and soul.
We are perhaps amongst the freest generations of Early in my life I found connection to the sacred in Jews able to safely embrace being Jewish. I would the woods and fields, the sky and waters. I found my really appreciate if you would email me [piverlaw@ "tribe" with earth worshipers and in solitude with] to let me know that you read my story. nature where I could unabashedly experience awe I want to know that you know part of my story. and gratitude for the sacred mysteries of being alive, I hope that you will reflect and share your story in a body, on the planet - whirling through the vast, at some point, either in Kol Shalom or at a future
unfathomable sacred cosmos. When I was a younger upcoming Community Shabbat.
man, this mystical unfathomability was the pure With Love and Gratitude - David
source of awe, splendor, and uncontainable spiritual A Way In: Jewish Mindfulness by Rabbi Yael Levy Be HappyAdar calls— Because transformation is
possible. Changing, growing, becoming, might cause us
As we enter the month of March, we welcome the to swirl, to tumble, to feel lost AND transformation Hebrew month of Adar, the month that leads us is possible. We can turn everything around and find from winter to spring.
ourselves connected and renewed—on the shores of our lives, our feet on new and solid ground. It's Adar—Be Happy, the tradition calls, possibly
Adar urges us to take notice of the shape and creating the impression that happiness is something contours of our experiences and ask: we can easily turn on and off. Our experiences teach us that happiness is much more complicated How do we spend our time, resources and energy? than that. Happiness comes and goes in a moment. What guides our decisions and actions? Happiness changes into something else in a flash. Are we giving ourselves to what we most value? Sometimes happiness is easily accessible and other Are we living what we love? times it remains elusive or completely out of reach. Adar challenges us to examine these questions with non-judgmental awareness. To do our best to The month of Adar calls us towards happiness by examine our lives with curiosity and interest, knowing asking us to explore the deepest layers of our lives. that what will be revealed will help guide us forward. It urges us to examine what we keep hidden and This is a month to realign ourselves with our vision what we allow to be revealed, to wonder about and our truths, to ride the tides of change into who what we hold onto because of fear and regret and to we can become.
imagine what would happen if we allowed ourselves to change, to be transformed. May we support and inspire each other in fashioning lives of blessing and truth. And together may we open to moments of joy.
Using the letters that make up the word Adar
aleph, dalet, resh
—we can hear the phrase:
I look forward to sharing the transformative experience Ashrei derech ratzon.
of Purim together on Wednesday night March 4. Come Happy is the person whose path is aligned and see why Purim is not just for kids.
with the Highest Will.
Fulfilled is the person who is walking Congregational School Is March a time for fun at Mishkan Shalom In addition to the holiday fun, we are adding two Congregational School? Yes. How can it be any different Hoogs (electives) this last session. We
other way when we start with a Purim Carnival in are going to have a Hoog for our older students
cooperation with Or Hadash on March 1? Come to introduce our wonderful teen program. Gabby join us on Sunday morning, March 1, at 10:00 a.m. Kaplan Mayer, who does Food For Thought, will at Or Hadash. There are booths that are so much cook with the students. Jake Adler, our own Teen fun! Come to the Lollipop Booth, the Licorice and Coordinator will do some special social activities Marshmallow Pull or any of the throwing booths and Rabbi Shawn will lead two evenings of what a made for children 3 and up. If you come at 9:30, a.m., Teen Leadership seminar might be like. It will be a join us to see two shpiels, one from our own Dalet/
nice taste of the Teen program for everyone who Hay class (4th/ 5th grade) and the other from the
Or Hadash children. Please look at the flyer in this newsletter (pg. 7) to see the address of Or Hadash.
Rabbi Yael will also be doing her Meditation Hoog
for both adults and children who are interested.
Then next Wednesday, March 4, will be the actual She did the Hoog in the Fall to rave reviews. If you
Purim festivities. Listen to a bit of the Megillah.
are interested in participating in six weeks of a Sing some Purim songs. Watch some shpiels in our
Meditation elective on Wednesday nights at 7:15 p.m. own congregation. Join us at 6:30 p.m. for the Purim – 8:00 p.m., please feel welcome to join us.
If you know of families that would love a school like As soon as we finish Purim, Passover is not far
ours (and who wouldn't?) please send them our way. behind. On April 1, we will have a Passover Seder,
I love talking about our place to new people. Have a Mishkan kid friendly. We take the traditional Seder
wonderful month.
and add our own take to the words and to the themes of the holiday. You are certainly welcome to come join us at our Model Seder on Wednesday,
April 1 at 6:30 p.m.
Kol Shalom is published monthly, September through June.
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Layout: Maralin Blistein
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Gene Bishop, Ellisa Goldberg, Anndee Hochman, Doron Henkin, Lynne Iser, Rivka Jarosh, Eileen Levinson, Yael Levy, Maria Paranzino, David Piver, Sharon Rhode, Stephanie Shell, Gari Weilbacher, and Shawn Zevit.
Email articles by the 15th of each month
Lifelong Learning
People are talking about race—at Mishkan and
And check the Lifelong Learning page of the website elsewhere—with new urgency. This spring, Lifelong for a multitude of other springtime offerings, Learning presents opportunities to deepen that conversation and link it to action.
• Pause & Refresh Your Soul experiences
Theater of Witness
with Rabbi Shawn and Rabbi Simcha • Rikud! Of Course You Can Dance: the
On Sunday, March 29, from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., hear member Teya Sepinuck discuss her work through a powerful presentation, a model of • Writing Circle for the Weeks of the
performance that shapes real-life stories into theater on significant social issues. Teya has worked with • Movie Night screening: Fill the Void
prisoners and their families; those seeking political sanctuary and families who have lost loved ones to And returning favorites: urban violence. She'll share film clips, read from her • Walk the Talk
book and lead a discussion.
• Soul Collage
Crime & Punishment in the USA Today
If you're feeling artistic, check out: For a more in-depth look at crime, punishment and the "justice" system, join a four-session class taught Make It a Night; Make It a Tallis on April
by Chaplain Phyllis Taylor and co-sponsored with 21—a three-hour session in which you'll design and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. Crime
paint a silk tallis of your own! & Punishment in the USA Today will meet April
1, 15, 29 and May 6 from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at
Check the Lifelong Learning brochur Mishkan. Guest speakers will include a crime victim, or complete descriptions, instructor bios a corrections officer and a former prisoner. and registration/payment information.
A Deeper Look at Race: What does it
mean to be white in a multiracial world?
The Board and your Treasurer are calling on some of you to help our community with some hands, How might being White shape people's behavior talents, shopping smarts, common sense, experience in ways that they are unaware of? How can White or inputs, all in manageable, limited and non-stressful people be allies in addressing racism, both within themselves and in the world? This will be an informal and safe environment to grapple with this We are looking for some, any or all of
challenging issue. We will be focusing on Whiteness and participants of all races are welcome! Someone to help review, approve and (as
The workshop is facilitated by Ali Michael, a
to smaller items) sign some checks in the Mishkan Shalom member and Director of P-12 ordinary flow. This is not so difficult, because at the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in payment items come in batches from the Education. She is the author of the recently released Office Manager every 10 days or so and book: Raising Race Questions, Whiteness & Inquiry in
because the Treasurer still has primary responsibility. Key focus is double checking, issue spotting, asking good questions.

The Mishkan New Jim Crow Study/Action
Someone(s) to help go through various
Group was formed to address issues of mass
vendors, contracts and arrangements with incarceration and racism in the USA and has been outside parties, looking for opportunities to meeting for the past year. Members of the group save a few dollars or make more sustainable reflect a diverse population regarding religion and choices, or both. race/ethnicity. Recently we have become engaged in learning about local organizations that work with Someone(s) to assist with tracking and
issues of incarceration; and, engaging in actions receiving (i) rents and (ii) program income, that we feel are appropriate to us individually and and follow-ups issued by the office. There is already support for these areas, but they could use someone(s) with particular focus to help. Folks with anything else to offer by way of
support, skill or knowledge in income and expense areas, and we will figure out how to make it work for everyone. If you think you might be able to help with one or more of these needs, or if you know of someone else who might do that, drop an email to or call Treasurer Doron Henkin, 610.668.1935. Or let Maria know at the office and she can pass the information along.

by Elissa Goldberg with Gabby, helping out with the services and activities of Celebrations! Using her passion for and experience in making movies, she is creating Livia Kleiner has competed in six Rubik's Cube a video for the promotion of Celebrations! Now competitions and is signing up for two more. She can in 7th grade at Abington Junior High, Livia enjoys solve a 3 X 3 Rubik's Cube in 17 seconds. She has science and French. She was very involved with her even figured out that anything over 15 scrambling school's Odyssey of the Mind team in 4th, 5th, and 6th moves makes no difference in terms of solving the grades. In 5th grade, her OM team won 1st place in puzzle, a finding that earned her first place in the regionals and went on to win 3rd place in the state math division of the Abington Junior High School Science Fair this year. Livia imagines that the worst part of her Bat
Aligning small squares of disparate colors and finding Mitzvah service will be when she is called up for
the connections to a whole is not dissimilar to the the last aliyah, "because it will be over." Her advice
parasha Livia will leyn and discuss as she becomes a
for those who are about to start on their own Bar/
Bat Mitzvah. Ki Tisa (Ex. 30:11 - 34:35) is the story
Bat Mitzvah journey? "Don't worry about getting
of Moses bringing the Ten Commandments down everything perfect. Just have fun and enjoy it." from the mountain, only to find that his people
created a golden calf in his absence. He smashes
the tablets and orders the calf destroyed. Then
God tells him to make a new set of tablets. Livia is
curious about what happened to the broken tablets.
"It makes you think about how you look at things.
Things can be broken but the meaning is still whole.
On the other hand, the calf was whole, but its
meaning was broken."
For Livia, the journey towards becoming aBbat
has been a "fun process." She and her
mother read Hebrew together last summer as a
way to brush up on her reading skills. They started
with simple words until she gradually gained the
confidence to practice the lines of Ki Tisa. Livia has
enjoyed working with her tutor Ariel Zaslav this past
fall, and is looking forward to standing in front of
the congregation with Rabbi Shawn. She is excited
to face the whole room from the front and see her
friends mixed in with the congregation in support
and celebration.
Livia and her parents joined Mishkan when she was
in kindergarten. They took a brief hiatus when Livia
was in third grade, but rejoined the following year.
Livia appreciates Mishkan's community, the kindness
of its members, and how her class, led by Rabbi
Simcha this year, gets along. "Everyone's super-nice."
For her tikkun olam project, Livia has been working

Our Tenth Annual One Book Mishkan Program Series:
Guide for the Perplexed
by Dara Horn
Saturday Night At the Movies: Fill the Void
Saturday, March 21, 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Suggested donation: $5.00

"An enthralling, stirring tale," (New
York Times
), FILL THE VOID opens
our 10th great One Book Mishkan
spring program series. Classics
scholar and movie buff Dr. Adam
Blistein once again hosts our evening,
including our always-lively post-
movie discussion. Of course, movie
nite features popcorn, libations,
yummy treats and great company.
Adam writes: "The Library
Committee chose this film for its
spotlight on family -- especially sibling
-- relationships, an important issue
in this year's One Book Mishkan
selection, Dara Horn's: A Guide for
the Perplexed
Fill the Void is an award-winning 2012 Israeli film
written and directed by Rama Burshtein, the first and come join us for another great Orthodox Jewish woman to direct a film intended Saturday nite at the movies! for wide distribution. Focusing on life in the Haredi (Continued on next page) community in Tel Aviv, Fill the Void tells the story
of eighteen-year-old Shira, about to be married
when, on Purim, her twenty-eight-year-old sister
dies in childbirth. Learning the father may leave the
More One Book Mishkan Spring Programs:
country with her only grandchild, their mother proposes a match between Shira and the widower, • Panel Discussion: God in an Expanding
leaving Shira to choose between her own wishes Universe: Sunday, April 19, 7:00 p.m.
and her family's desire to keep the child near them.
• Arts Night: Saturday, May 16, 7:30 p.m.
Carole Boughter and Barry Dornfeld Andrew Soloway and Erica Eisenberg Jessie and Scott DiamondJim Feldman Rabbis Discretionary Fund
Jeff Gelles and Sharon Gornstein Cindy & Steve Perkiss Lynne Iser and Mordechai Liebling Susan Richards – IMO Susan's Mother Rivka JaroshGabby Kaplan-Mayer Nancy Fuchs and Seth KreimerLance and Mary Laver B'nai Mitzvah Fund
Ilene Burak and Alexis Lieberman Sue Ellen Liebman Beth Parrish and David Kleiner Sanctifying The Sanctuary
Lisa and Steve Mervis Robin Berenholz and Mark McCullen - Karen Meshkov and Matt Pillischer IHO Acts of Caring Danielle Peereboom and Keith Martin Susan Richards and Sharon Parker Abby Ruder and Ellen TichenorLillian Sigal Sounds of Justice Fundraiser
Deborah Schwartzman (as of February 23)
Alan and Lisa Tuttle Gene Bishop and Andy Stone (continued from previous page) Recent Acquisitions Webpage: Reviews Now Online
Our Recent Acquisitions webpage now holds
Acquisitions page linked from the Library page.
reviews of many books purchased by the We hope you'll explore these excellent works: Library Committee in recent years. Our Acquisitions Committee, coordinated by Natalie Gorvine, considers and purchases a range of new works of interest to our community and Dr. Harold Gorvine has reviewed many of them.
For more information, visit our Librar Previously published in Kol Shalom, these
reviews are now easy to access on our Recent
See you in the Library…or at the Library Cart!

Weekend in the Woods
by Sharon Rhode
What Do Retreatniks LOVE About Our
Wonderful Weekend in the Woods?
Plan to Join Us: May 29, 30 & 31
With spring about to burst into bloom (please!), that means summertime's right around the corner. And for many Mishkaners in-the-know, that means our fabulous Retreat weekend is on the horizon! A quick ride up to Camp JRF in the green-everywhere-you-turn Pocono Mountains — leaving everything behind — you'll find just the right measure of relaxation, fun, delightful company, activities, stillness, connection with nature and other summertime delights.
What do Retreatniks LOVE about our
Weekend in the Woods? "The way everything
flows — the events, the conversations, the cool mountain breezes." "Lake, streams, birds nest on bunk porch rafters. People LOVE the beading!" "Being friends with adults and kids." "Meeting new people; spending time with people we know already but don't have time for (sadly) in our scheduled lives." "I loved the time to talk to people; I loved the choice of things to do." "The community of attendees provide an incredible support system, conversation, laughs and deep introspection. My kid did things and stretched himself in ways in which I was awed!" Now's the time to start making plans!
"The kids have a ball! So well organized — everything went without a hitch. Loved starting the Now you, too, are "in-the-know!" So be sure to day with a stretch" "A beautiful opportunity for clear the dates, May 29th-31st, and plan to join us for families with young children — fresh air, safe space another really remarkable Mishkan Retreat. It's also to run and explore, and lots of kid activities, what a great time to start talking to fellow Mishkaners, as more could you want!" well as potential members, and make plans to come "Having a schedule of activities and no obligation to follow it." "All the optional activities. Opt-in or opt-out — I love it!" Joining the Retreat Committee for just a few "The retreat is a highlight of the year at Mishkan." meetings this spring is a great way to get an early "An easy relaxed way of being together in start on the fun! Retreat Committee Co-Chairs community." "A great way to get to know people Lisagail Zeitlin and Karen Singer welcome you to join better." "An amazing way to get to know and the team and would love to answer any questions, have fun with Mishkan members — really feel so don't hesitate to contact them at Acts of Caring /G'milut Hasadim by Gene Bishop and Stephanie Shell Acts of Caring lets the Mishkan Shalom community learn about significant events in the lives of our Mazel Tov
members. In this way, we can reach out to one another in times of grief, illness, and joy. To reach us We send a hearty mazel tov to Livia Kleiner and her family as she celebrates becoming a Bat Mitzvah and to Nancy Fuchs Kreimer and Seth Kreimer on the birth of their grandson Vincent Thomas Halliwell.
If you have life circumstances that would be helped by short-term support and/or help with concrete tasks please contact Lisa Mervis and Sharon Sigal at We extend condolences to Stacey Meadows on or please phone Sharon at the death of her father Alvin Meadows and to Ilana 610.574.1705 or 610.649.0274. We will reach out to Reisner on the death of her father Boris Reisner. the community and coordinate help with needs such May Stacey, Ilana and their families be comforted as transportation to doctor appointments, meals, among all the mourners of Zion and all humanity errands, as well as visits. and may the memories of Alvin and Boris be for a blessing.
Are you receiving Acts of Caring
Love and Support
via email?
This month we send our ongoing love, support, Acts of Caring now goes out to all Mishkan and prayers for healing to Mishkan members Bill members. It is our communication central for Grey, Robin Berenholz , Bernice Bricklin, Jean Brody/ sharing life cycle events and community needs Louis Schwartz, Wendy Caplin, Mark Goodman, Jane for help. If you are not receiving Acts of Caring, Hinkle, Sue Jacobs, Jay Kravitz , Denise Kulp, Robin please check your spam, or if you have gmail, your Leidner, and Aryeh Stein Azen.
solicitations folder (Acts of Caring is distributed by Constant Contact). If you unsubscribe from Ma We are keeping Judy Goldberg (mother of Elissa Hadash, intentionally or accidentally, you will also be Goldberg), Stan Hochman (father of Anndee unsubscribed from Acts of Caring. Please contact Hochman), Evelyn Bishop (mother of Gene Bishop), the office for clarification. Eleazar Shimon Hakohen ben Shoshana v'Ahron Yosaif (father of Rabbi Shawn Zevit), Arnold Schein (father of Susan Schein), Sarah Bradley (mother Got Nachas?
of David Bradley), Debra Singer (sister of Karen Singer), Patrick Windle (brother of Susan Windle), Sharing your good news is a marvelous way to Sal Berenholz (father of Robin Berenholz), Jackie connect our community! Please don't be shy - send Berman-Gorvine (daughter-in-law of Natalie & all lifecycle events you would like to be posted to Harold Gorvine), Lorna Michaelson (mother-in-law our email address: Please of Joe Brenman), Eva Galson (mother of Wendy notify us if you want a name added to, or removed Galson and mother-in-law of Susan Windle), and from, our "Ongoing love, support, and prayers of Julie Post (sister of Nancy Post), in our prayers as healing…" list. well. May they all experience a refuah sheleimah (full healing).
We lovingly remember those who have passed, Zichronam L'vracha.
Eliot Saxe-3/2-Adar 11
Saul Krawll-3/15-Adar 24
Father of Susan Saxe Father of Maralin Blistein
Jeannette Stein-3/2-Adar 11
Jack Brooks-3/16-Adar 25
Grandmother of Jessie Diamond Father of Susan Brooks Wallace Sadoff-3/17-Adar 26
Uncle of Jim Feldman Father of Deborah Ahrens Regina Abrams-3/18-Adar 27
Mother of Faye Miller Mother of Ronald Abrams Leonard Parrish-3/18-Adar 27
Sister of Roberta Rossman Father of Beth Parrish
Esther Tarler-3/5-Adar 14
Bobbie Epstein-3/19-Adar 28
Mother of Jay Tarler Stepmother of Wendy Epstein Hannah Bliss-3/6-Adar 15
Peter Hanna-3/20-Adar 29
Grandmother of Marie Scearce Father of Joyce Hanna Barbara Lipshutz-3/6-Adar 15
Dorothy Arfer-3/23-Nisan 3
Mother of Debbie Lipshutz Mother of Jude Lang William Ruder-3/10-Adar 19
Jack Miller-3/25-Nisan 5
Father of Abby Ruder Father of Faye Miller Murray Weinreb-3/10-Adar 19
Rose Saxe-3/26-Nisan 6
Father of Lisa Weinreb-Mervis Mother of Susan Saxe Edward Gorvine-3/13-Adar 22
Daniel Zwie Henkin-3/28-Nisan 8
Father of Harold Gorvine Father of Doron Henkin Isabel K. Heller-3/15-Adar 24
Mother of Mark Heller T'filot
Please join us for Torah study every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:55 a.m.
Friday, March 6 – 5:45 p.m. - Potluck Dinner
Friday, March 20 – 7:30 p.m. – Kabbalat
with RRC program guest Moriel Rothman-Zecher; Service/Rosh Hodesh, with Rabbi Shawn
7:30 p.m. – Kabbalat Shabbat Service, with Rabbi
Shawn and Jessi Roemer Saturday, March 21 – Rosh Hodesh Nisan –
Vayikra – Shabbat Ha-Hodesh –
Saturday, March 7 – Ki-Tissa - 8:45 a.m. -
10:00 a.m. –
Gratefulness Chanting, with Shoshana Bricklin; Shabbat Service, chanting and Levin baby naming,
with Rabbis Shawn and Phyllis Berman a.m. – Spiritual Direction Circle, with Rabbi Shawn,
Andrea Madden and Meredith Barber; 10:00 a.m.
Shabbat Service, with Rabbi Shawn. Livia Kleiner
Saturday, March 28 – Tzav – Shabbat HaGadol
will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah.
- 8:45 a.m. – Gratefulness Chanting, with Shoshana
Bricklin; 9:00 a.m. – Tot Shabbat, with Rivka;
Saturday, March 14 – Vayahel-Pekudei –
10:00 a.m. - Mindfulness Service, with Rabbi Yael
Shabbat Parah – 8:45 a.m. – Gratefulness
Chanting, with Shoshana Bricklin; 9:00 a.m. – Tot
Shabbat, with Rivka; 10:00 a.m. – Mindfulness
Service, with Rabbi Yael


Parameter identification for a local field potential driven model of the parkinsonian subthalamic nucleus spike activity

Contents lists available at journal homepage: Parameter identification for a local field potential driven model of theParkinsonian subthalamic nucleus spike activity Kostis P. Michmizos Damianos Sakas , Konstantina S. Nikita a Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USAb Evangelismos Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greecec National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece

Newsletter July 08 New Price List NEW CONTACT NUMBER NOW IN USE We have reviewed our price list (enclosed) and have made adjustments. 1300 VET QML (1300 838 765) Our in-house tests have increased in line with CPI. Our new QML Pathology Vetnostics contact number 1300 838 765 is now in operation. Some of the increases in tests that