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Volume XX, Number 4
April 2012
Protect Against Sun Exposure ave you ever been cooked like a that you can't see through when held up According to the American lobster? Lobsters turn bright red Academy of Dermatology, the threemost common forms of skin cancer Has they cook and so do people when Use sunscreen with a sun protection
they're exposed to the burning rays of the factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. Apply a sun for long time periods. Protecting your ◆ Basal cell carcinoma – the most generous amount (about a palmful) of skin from prolonged sun exposure is vital.
common skin cancer. It appears sunscreen and reapply it after swim- According to the as a pearly bump that sometimes ming, toweling dry, or perspir- American Cancer Soci- won't heal. It can also look like ing. Use sunscreen even ety (ACS), unpro- a sore that won't heal.
on hazy or overcast days.
tected exposure to UV ◆ Squamous cell carcinoma – the Cover your head with rays can cause prema- second-most common skin can- a wide-brimmed hat, turely aged skin, cer. It appears as a crusty, scaly shading your face, wrinkles, freckles, loss patch with a hard surface.
ears, and neck. If ◆ Melanoma – the least common the skin, dark patches, type of skin cancer, but most baseball cap, re- rough or scaly spots, dangerous. People can die from member to protect and skin cancers.
melanoma. If you have a family your ears and neck Besides these condi- history of this skin cancer, you with sunscreen.
tions, the sun's UV ra- could get it even if you've never Wear sunglasses with 99 diation can also increase the risk of cataracts been out in the sun. It's usually percent to 100 percent UV absorption and certain other eye problems, and can a dark mole, sometimes with an to provide optimal protection for the suppress the immune system in some people.
uneven edge. The color and size eyes and the surrounding skin.
To protect your skin against the
may change over time.
Follow these practices to protect your sun, consider these tips from the ACS:
You need to be especially care- skin even on cloudy or overcast days.
ful to check your skin if you: Avoid prolonged sun exposure between UV rays travel through clouds. Use • have light hair and skin • freckle 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
extra caution near water, snow and and burn easily • have a family Look for shade, especially in the middle sand as they reflect the damaging rays history of skin cancer • spent a lot of the day when the sun's rays are of the sun which can increase your of time in the sun during your life strongest. Practice the shadow rule. If chance of sunburn.
• had blistering sunburns as a child your shadow is shorter than you, the Pay attention to the daily UV index.
• have blue, green or gray eyes.
sun's rays are at their strongest.
The higher the number, the greater the Note: Having a checkup by a dermatologist could Wear protective clothing to guard as exposure to UV radiation.
be a lifesaver.
much skin as possible when you're out- For more information, visit the American Cancer Society For more information on skin cancer, visit side in the sun. Choose comfortable at or the American Academy of Derma- the American Academy of Dermatology clothes made of tightly woven fabrics tology at . How to Express "I Love You" Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Here are several ways to say "I Love You" to the
To increase your chances of
special someone in your life:
having a healthy pregnancy, con-
◆ Make a music CD of all of your favorite love songs.
sider these tips from the Centers
Slip the CD into the stereo of your partner's car before he or for Disease Control: • Get prenatal
she leaves in the morning so it starts playing when he or she care as soon as possible and see your starts the car up to leave home.
doctor regularly through the whole ◆ Change the screen saver on your home computer to a pregnancy. • Stop smoking. • Drink scrolling message. Tell him or her you love them at least six to eight glasses of water, or write another special mes- fruit juice, and milk every day. • Eat sage that is meaningful to healthy. Consume fortified foods (enriched grain products, the two of you.
including cereals, rice, breads, and pastas) and foods with ◆ Pack a special picnic natural sources of folate (orange juice, green leafy veg- lunch and put a blanket in etables, beans, broccoli, asparagus, peas, and lentils). • Don't your vehicle's trunk and drink alcohol or take illegal drugs. • Check with your doctor invite your partner for an before taking any medicine or using solvents, insecticides, impromptu picnic in the and paints. • Engage in safe exercises for pregnant women.
park during lunch.
• Get plenty of rest.
◆ Write a special note to your partner on a sticky note and place it on an upcoming page of the book How to Quiet a Barking Dog your partner is reading.
◆ Rent the first movie that the two of you watched together and The Humane Society of Denver says a barking dog can cause surprise your partner with a movie night with just the two of neighborhood disputes and violations of animal control ordi- nances. If your dog's barking has created neighborhood tension, ◆ If you're partner travels a lot, surprise him or her at the it's a good idea to discuss the problem with your neighbors and airport when they arrive home from their next trip.
tell them you're taking steps to eliminate it.
◆ Using bright red lipstick, write a special message to your Determine when and for partner that says "I love you." how long your dog barks, and ◆ Watch the sunrise or sunset together.
what's causing him to bark. Is ◆ Wink at your partner from across the room at a random he left alone for long periods moment and for no special reason other than you love of time? Is his environment barren, without playmates or ◆ Write a loving message on the bathroom mirror using anti- toys? Is he a young dog with fog solution so that when the room fogs up from a shower, few outlets for his energy? Is he a your partner can see the message from you.
herding or sporting dog who needs a"job" to be happy? Here are some tips: • Walk your
Easy Steps to Better Health dog daily. • Teach him to fetch a ball or Frisbee. • Teach Eat together at the table: People consume more when commands for five to 10 minutes a day. • Take an obedience eating in front of the TV. And foods eaten "on the go" class with your dog. • Provide interesting toys to keep him busy are generally higher in calories.
when you're not there. • When you have to leave for extended Play with kids for at least 20 minutes a day. Ride a bike, periods, take him to a "doggie day care" or have someone walk jump rope, or play touch football or soccer. Visit with him. • Teach him a "quiet" command. Interrupt his barking to find out the by shaking a can filled with pennies or squirting water at his calories burned in various sports.
mouth with a spray bottle. This startles him into being quiet so Focus on favorite foods. Instead of trying to give up your you can reward him. • If he barks when you're home, call him favorites, eat smaller portions or switch to lower-fat to you and have him obey a command such as "sit." Praise him versions. They can be just as good.
and give him a treat.
For more information, visit the Humane Society of the Eat soup. Soup leaves you feeling full on fewer calories.
United States at All About Allergies.
Gout: Coping with the Pain It's that time of year again! The sniffling, sneezing, spring Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis. It time of year. Here is a general list of allergens:Dust
occurs when too much uric acid builds up in the body. For (contains dust mites and finely ground particles from other many people, the first attack of gout occurs in the big toe.
allergens such as pollen, mold and animal dander) ❁ Pollen Often, the attack wakes a person from sleep. The toe is very (trees, grasses, weeds) ❁ FungiFurry animals (cats, dogs, sore, red, warm, and swollen. Gout can cause: • guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, and • Swelling • • Stiffness in joints.
other pets) ❁ Latex (rubber You're more likely to have gout if you:
gloves, toys, and balloons) family members with the disease • • Are a man • ❁ Foods such as cow's milk, • Drink too much alcohol • • Eat too many foods eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, rich in purines, such as liver, dried bean and peas, anchovies, • Have an enzyme defect that makes it hard for The symptoms for aller- the body to break down purines • • Are exposed to lead in the gies vary depending on what's • Have had an organ transplant • causing the reaction and the medicines such as diuretics, aspirin, cyclosporine, or levodopa part of the body affected. Symptoms can include:
• • Take the vitamin niacin.
• runny nose • tearing eyes, burning or itching eyes • red eyes • To treat or prevent gout, consider these tips:
conjunctivitis • swollen eyes • itching nose, mouth, throat, skin, • To help prevent future attacks, take the medicines your or any other area • wheezing • coughing • difficulty breathing • doctor prescribes. Carefully follow instructions about how hives (skin wheals) • skin rashes • stomach cramps • vomiting • much medicine to take and when to take it. • •Tell your doctor diarrhea • headache about all the medicines and vitamins you take. He or she can Here are some do's and don'ts from the American
tell you if any of them increase your risk of hyperuricemia.
Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology: ❁ Keep
Plan follow-up visits with your doctor to evaluate your windows closed at night to prevent pollens or molds from • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Avoid foods drifting into your home. ❁ Minimize early morning activity that are high in purines and drink plenty of fluids, especially when pollen is usually emitted. ❁ Keep your car windows closed water. Fluids help remove uric acid from the body. • when traveling. ❁ Try to stay indoors when the pollen count or Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy body weight. • humidity is reported to be high, and on windy days when dust Lose weight if you're overweight, but and pollen are blown about. ❁ Take a vacation during the height don't go on diets designed for quick or extreme loss of of the pollen season to a more pollen-free area, such as the beach weight because they increase uric acid levels in the blood.
or sea. ❁ Take medications prescribed by your allergist/ Source: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin. For more information on gout, visit immunologist regularly and in the recommended dosage. ❁ If you have bad allergies, don't mow lawns or be around freshlycut grass. Don't rake leaves, as this also stirs up molds. ❁ Avoidhanging sheets or clothing out to dry. Pollens and molds may Prevent Nighttime Leg Cramps collect in them. ❁ Don't grow too many or overwater indoor Here are suggestions for preventing leg cramps
plants if you're allergic to mold. Wet soil encourages mold before they happen: • Wear good shoes during the day.
Flat feet and other problems make people susceptible. Good Source: American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, footwear can compensate. • Loosen the covers. Tight coverscan press feet down and tighten muscles in the calf and on Fever Blisters: Find Relief the bottom of the foot.
If you get a fever blister: • Keep them
• Stretch calf muscles clean and dry to prevent bacterial infections. • before bed to loosen them Wash your hands often and avoid picking at up. • Drink plenty of the blister. • Eat a soft, bland diet to avoid water, especially if irritating the sores. • Avoid kissing other people.
you're active. You need • Don't drink out of the same glass or use the fluids to prevent dehy- same utensils as others. • Try holding an ice cube or ice pack on dration, which can cause the fever blister for about five minutes. • Apply topical creams or oitments as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.
Choices and Consequences Give Out What You Want While stopped at a traf- fic light one day, I couldn'thelp but notice the little What you choose to say and do will change your
life. What is more, it will become your life,affecting you and everyone around you. That is girl who was peering out because you possess one of the most powerful forces in the the back window of the world – the power of choice.
car in front of me. She Making choices will bring consequences, whether good looked disgruntled, out of or bad. This may seem a little obvious, but why do people sorts, and mad at the fail to grasp this reality? Winning an academic scholarship, world. It was obvious that hitting a sales goal, and making a wise investment might be she wasn't having a great called "rewards," "profits," or even "luck," day. She could see that I but in reality, they are simply the consequences of making was looking at her, and the right choices at the right time in your life.
she glared back at me.
This principle has been referred to as "sowing and I decided to have a little fun with her and responded to her reaping." Whatever it is you plant, whether it is physical, scowl with a big smile. She wasn't amused, and she retaliated by spiritual, mental, financial, relational, or emotional, it sticking out her tongue at me and making a face at me. I just will grow and someday come back to you in a multiplied smiled back at her – a much bigger, warmer smile this time. It was condition. It can be incredibly good or terribly bad – obvious that she didn't know what to do since I responded to her depending on the seed.
in an unexpected way. She was stumped and unsure of what to do Minor Choices, Major Impact next. I just continued to smile, and then I waved at her. Now the You never know how large the impact may be from a ball was in her court. Suddenly, she disappeared out of my view, seemingly minor choice. I found this to be the case several but when she reappeared, she was holding up her doll for me to years ago on a family vacation when the cruise ship we were see – and she was smiling too. We do, indeed, get back what we on stopped briefly on the Cayman Islands. I asked the captain, "Do you know of any place prettier than this?" He I read something one time that said if you're dog-tired when said it was the prettiest of the eight stops the ship would you come home at night, maybe it's because you've been make, so I replied, "OK, we'll get off here." growling all day. The wisdom of the Golden Rule still holds Little did we know that the Caymans would become the true today. Radiate cheerfulness, a love of life, and a sincere home office to several of our overseas businesses and prove interest in others. Treat everyone with kindness, respect, and to be one of the best choices we ever made, not to mention loving compassion. If you want to have great days, what you give the location for many meaningful relationships, unforget- is what you'll get.
table times as a family, and great business deals. One choice, Julie Alexander is a professional speaker who works with organiza- with many positive consequences as a result.
tions that want to boost morale and people who want great days onand off the job. She is the author of Great Days: 50 If you hesitate to exercise your freedom of choice, others Ways to Add Energy, Enthusiasm, & Enjoyment to Your Life and Make will choose for you and tell you what to do, directing you Life Count! – 50 Ways to Great Days. For more information, visit toward their goals, not yours. Use your freedom of choiceto design a stronger, more positive self-image for yourself.
InSync® Moment – Getting Good Sleep If you are fearful, choose courage. If you are timid, choose Trouble sleeping? About an hour before bedtime, engage to love people. If you frequently procrastinate, choose to in relaxing activities. Turn off the television. Listen to take action now. If you have always waited for others to soothing music. Resolve differences. Record your thoughts lead, choose to act on your own initiative now.
and concerns. Plan the upcoming day. Lower the room Saying "yes" to one thing means saying "no" to another.
temperature and lights. Receive the benefits of How wisely you use the power of choice is up to you! physical stamina, mental clarity, and emotional Paul J. Meyer was a successful entrepreneur and author of personal and stability from healthy sleep.
professional improvement programs, courses, and books, including hislatest book, Forgiveness. The Ultimate Miracle. For more information, Susan Pilgrim, Ph.D., author of Living InSync®. Contact her visit his website at at 1-877-InSync® (1-877-467-9627) or at [email protected]. Do the Drill for Fitness Relief for an Aching Back while back I gave my medical doctor a copy of my Want to get stronger and burn more calories? A half-hour first book, Pushing Yourself to Power, and the walk each day is a good start, but adding special drills will make other day he told me he has been using one of my you stronger and help you to burn more calories.
favorite Isometric exercises to help certain patients who The Running Center in New York City suggests these drills have bad backs. It is a simple exercise that strengthens the be used two days a week. First warm up by walking briskly for back muscles and is also excellent for stretching and limber- 10 minutes. Then stretch your calves and hamstrings. Continue ing up. Many of his patients have reported phenomenal with 30 minutes of brisk walking broken into 10-minute relief from back soreness. I'm not offering this as medical segments. Between each segment try one of the two-minute advice (always check with drills below, then cool down by walking for five minutes.
your medical practitioner ▲ Drill 1: March for 30 seconds. Walk lifting your knees regarding your physical high, thighs parallel to the ground. Use a bent-arm swing.
Then walk normally for one minute and march again offering this as an effective for 30 seconds.
exercise for strengthening ▲ Drill 2: Do butt kicks for 30 seconds: Step forward and kick your back muscles.
the opposite foot toward your butt. Use a bent-arm swing.
My doctor modified Walk normally for one minute, then butt kick for another my exercise to be devel- oped at your own pace and to be done regularly for the rest ▲ Drill 3: Skip for 30 seconds. Skip high and let your arms of your life. Here's how it's done: Place an open newspaper swing. Walk normally for one minute, then skip again for 30 on the floor (for a clean place for your face and to read while doing the exercise). Lie on your stomach with your hands atyour side and get comfortable for 10–20 seconds. Then liftyour chest up off the floor so you can read the newspaper.
Let's Play Ball. Safely! Hold this position until you're tired, then lie back down on To avoid injuries
the floor. Completely relax! Let your body melt into the while playing baseball
floor and rest for or softball, follow
20–30 seconds. Re- "Keep your back muscles
these safety tips from
peat the lifting and strong, and your body will
sports and health or-
relaxing for a total of three times.
thank you for it. "
Always wear all the required safety gear ev- day for a week and listen to your body ery time you play or practice.
and back. If you feel okay, increase the workout by bringingup your hands into a "stick 'em up" position. Now lift your Warm up and stretch before playing or practicing.
chest and hands and hold it with a stopwatch in your hand If you have an injury, see a doctor. Follow all the doctor's to click "on" as you lift up and click "off" as orders for recovery, and get the doctor's okay before you relax. Repeat three times and note the combined total returning to play.
time. The next day, lift a total of two seconds longer.
Make sure first aid is available at all games and practices.
Continue adding two seconds every day (which makes for an additional minute every month) until you're able to lift for Talk to and watch your child's coach. Coaches should a total of five minutes.
enforce all the rules of the game, encourage safe play, and Continue five-minute lifts every other day. forever! understand the special injury risks that young players Keep your back muscles strong, and your body will face. Make sure your child's coach teaches players how thank you for it.
to avoid injury when sliding (prohibits head first slidingin young players), pitching, or dodging a ball pitched John Peterson is a lifelong fitness expert, the founderof Bronze Bow Publishing, and the author of Pushing Yourself to directly at them.
Power, The Miracle Seven, and Isometric Power Revolution. Hecreated the Transformetric Training System that maximizes strength, Keep baseball and softball fun. Putting too much focus on fitness, and wellness. For more infor-mation of John Peterson and winning can add unnecessary stress.
Transformetrics, visit or call 1-866-724-8200. Protect Against Window Falls Coping with Grief According to the National Mental Health Association, According to the National Safety Council, preventing falls grief is the normal response of sorrow, emotion, and confu- out of windows is very important. Here are several safety
sion that comes from losing someone or something important tips to remember: • When doing spring repairs, make sure
to you. It's a natural part of life.
that your windows aren't painted or nailed shut. (You must Grief is a typical reaction to death, divorce, job loss, a be able to open them to escape in an emergency.) • When move away from family and friends, or loss of good health opening windows for ventilation, open windows that a child due to illness. People who are grieving may experience these can't reach. • Set and enforce rules about keeping children's symptoms: • •an empty and numb play away from windows or feeling, as if they're in patio doors. Falling through •trembling • the glass can be fatal or cause sea, trouble breathing serious injury. • Keep furni- • muscle weakness • •dry ture – or anything children can mouth • • trouble sleep- climb on – away from win- ing and eating • dows. • If you're considering issues – angry at a situ- installing window guards or ation, a particular per- window fall prevention de- son, or just angry in vices, be aware that the win- dow guards you install must guilt often expressed in have a release mechanism so "I could have, I should that they can be opened for have, and I wish I would have" statements • • strange dreams escape in a fire emergency. Consult with your local fire or nightmares • • absentmindedness • • withdrawing socially department or building code official to determine proper • lack of desire to return to work.
window guard placement. • Never install window unit air For some people, grief lasts a few months. For others, conditioners in windows that may be needed for escape or rescue grieving may take years. The length of time spent grieving in an emergency. • Place shrubs and soft edging is different for each person. There are many reasons for the like wood chips or grass beneath windows to lessen the differences, including personality, health, coping style, impact if a fall does occur. Note: Be sure and teach your children
culture, family background, and life experiences. The time how to safely use a window to escape from your home in case spent grieving also depends on the relationship with the person lost and how prepared they were for the loss.
How to Stay Safe After Dark Here are tips on dealing with grief:
• Accept the loss • Work through and feel the physical and emotional pain of Night driving can be challenging and hazardous. In fact, • Realize that grief has no timetable. Your emotions traffic deaths are three times greater at night than during the may come and go for weeks, months, or even years. • day. Consider these night-driving tips from the Na-
about your loss and take the time to seek comfort from friends tional Safety Council:
and family who will listen. • • Forgive yourself for all of the ◆ Keep your headlights, tail lights, and signal lights clean, things you believe you should have said or done.
and make sure headlights are properly aimed.
• Remember to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.
◆ Don't drink and drive. Drinking impairs driving ability, • Engage in activities you enjoy – read a good book, listen to is a depressant, and induces fatigue.
your favorite music, go to a ball game, or rent a movie.
◆ Turn lights on early in the day.
• Prepare for holidays and anniversaries. Many people feel ◆ Reduce speed at night and increase following distance.
especially "blue" during some holidays, and on the anniver- sary date of the death of a friend or loved one. Make plans to Don't overdrive your headlights. You should be able to be with friends and family members at these times.
stop inside the illuminated area.
• Adjust to living in a world without the person or item lost.
◆ Keep your headlights on low beams when following • Move on with life. • • Seek professional counseling to help another vehicle.
you through some of the challenges of grieving.
◆ If you're too tired to drive, pull off the road and rest.
Source: SAMHSA's National Mental Health Information Center, Fuel Your Body Up on Fiber When it comes to apples, the iber helps your body stay healthy • Brown rice • Oatmeal • Popcorn good news gets better all the time.
and may prevent heart disease.
• Multiple-grain cereals, cooked or dry Apples can preserve memory and Soluble fiber, which is found in • 100% Whole-wheat bread help to prevent asthma, cancer, dia- oats, barley, beans, apples, oranges and ❖ Eat bran cereal for breakfast. Check betes, and heart disease.
other fruits and vegetables, may help labels on food packages for the amounts Researchers at the University of prevent heart disease by lowering LDL, of dietary fiber in each brand. Some Massachusetts Lowell say the big or "bad" cholesterol levels. Set a goal to cereals may have less fiber than you news about apples right now is its eat 20 to 35 grams of fiber possible ability to keep Alzheimer's every day. The best disease away. Apples can increase way to do this is to production of the neurotransmitter consume a wide va- acetylcholine, resulting in improved memory. Neurotransmitters are also grains, nuts, seeds, vital for good health throughout the as cooked cereal, beans, fruits and body. (The University of Massachu- setts study mostly used apple juice.) Here are tips
Apples are the best source of can also add oats from the American
quercetin, an antioxidant that pro- to meatloaf, breads Academy of Family
tects brain cells against oxidative and cookies.
Physicians and American
stress. This is a tissue-damaging ❖ Include more fiber in your eating process associated with Alzheimer's plan by adding vegetables to stews and Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Fruits and veg- Drinking two cups of apple juice etables that are high in fiber include: ❖ Add fruit on cereal or eat fruit as a or eating three apples a day boosts • Apples • Berries • Figs • Oranges snack and in salads.
production of quercetin. C.Y. Lee, • Pears • Prunes • Broccoli • Brussels ❖ Eat cooked beans each week.
professor and chairman of the De- sprouts • Carrots • Cauliflower • Green Note: Be sure to drink more fluids
partment of Food Science & Tech- when you increase the amount of fiber you nology at Cornell University, says ❖ Replace white bread with whole-grain eat. Liquids help your body digest fiber apples are among the best choices for breads and cereals. Eat brown rice better. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water fighting Alzheimer's disease.
instead of white rice. Eat more of the each day – and even more when you Lee says people should eat more following foods: • Bran muffins exercise or travel by air.
apples, especially fresh ones. RedDelicious has a very high antioxi-dant content. Be sure to eat the skin.
It can have six times more antioxi- Using a sharp, serrated knife, cut a dants than the flesh. Apples are also horizontal pocket in each bread slice; cut well-known cancer fighters and heart close to the edges but leave crusts intact.
4 – 2-inch thick pieces whole grain In a small bowl, mash the banana with a protectors. They reduce risk of dia- fork. Fold in the strawberries and peanut butter. Using a spoon, stuff betes, asthma, and tooth loss.
1 ripe banana, sliced each piece of bread with the banana/strawberry mixture; fill until 1 cup strawberries, sliced stuffed, but not falling out of bread. In a shallow bowl, lightly beat 1/4 cup natural peanut butter the egg and egg whites with milk, salt, honey, and cinnamon. Dip the stuffed bread in the egg mixture and let soak about five minutes, turning occasionally, until egg mixture is absorbed. Spray a large cast- Pamela Smith is a Registered Di- iron or nonstick skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium heat.
etitian and nationally known Cook the toast in the hot pan until cooked through, about two to three radio and TV host. For more minutes per side. Serve topped with warm honey, pure maple syrup, information, call 1-800-896-4010 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon or all-fruit spread.
or visit her website at Nonstick cooking spray . Her book, Each serving contains: 240 calories, 9 g. protein, The Energy Edge, gives power 6.5 g. fat, 55 mg. cholesterol, 37 g. carbohydrates, points to have energy for life! 32 mg. calcium. Calories from fat 24 percent This newsletter is published monthly byRutherford Communications, P.O. Box 8853,Waco, Texas 76710, 1-800-815-2323, Copy-right 2012 Rutherford Communicatons. Allrights reserved. Material may not be repro-duced in whole or part in any form without thewritten permission of the publisher. Subscrip-tion price (12 issues), $25 per year in U.S.
Publisher: Ronnie MarroquinManaging Editor: Kimberly DenmanIllustrations by RMS GraphicsEditorial Advisory Board: Bill Anderson, Ph.D., and Richard Jackson, M.D., F.A.B.F.P., andPamela Smith, R.D.
This newsletter is not intended to provide medical advice on personal wellness mat-ters, which should be obtained directly fromyour physician.
Fruits and Veggies Learning the ABCs of Autism utism knows no racial, ethnic, Know when it pays to buy organic social boundaries, family in- food products to reduce your expo-sure to pesticides and other additives, Acome, lifestyle, or educational
levels. It can affect any family and any when it might sometimes pay, and child. It's a complex developmental when it's a waste of your money.
disability that usually appears during the Go organic when you can to
first three years of life. It affects the replace these Most Contami-
normal functioning of the brain, im- nated Fruits and Veggies:
pacting development in social interac- autism are great, and families frequently tion and communication skills.
experience high levels of stress. Recogniz- Someone with autism may show
ing and preparing yourself for the chal- some of the following traits: • Insis-
lenges that are in store will make a tremen- • Imported grapes • Peaches tence on sameness and a resistance to dous difference to all involved, including change • Difficulty in expressing needs, the parents, siblings, grandparents, extended • Red raspberries using gestures or pointing instead of family, and friends.
words • Repeating words or phrases in While there's no cure for autism, place of normal, responsive language there are treatment and education approaches Unless price is no object,
• Laughing and/or crying for no appar- that may reduce some of the challenges choose conventionally grown
ent reason • Preference to being alone associated with the disability. Intervention produce from these Least Con-
• Tantrums • Difficulty in mixing with may help to lessen disruptive behaviors, taminated Fruits and Veggies
others • Not wanting to cuddle or be and education can teach (pesticide residues are virtually
cuddled • Little or no eye contact self-help skills that allow for greater inde- • Unresponsive to normal teaching meth- pendence. But just as there is no one symp- ods • Sustained odd play • Spinning tom or behavior that identifies autistic objects • Obsessive attachment to objects children, there is no single treatment. Chil- • Apparent over-sensitivity or under- dren can learn to function within the con- sensitivity to pain • No real fears of fines of their disability, but treatment must danger • Noticeable physical over-activ- be tailored to a child's individual behaviors ity or extreme under-activity Non responsive to verbal cues.
Source: Autism Society of American. For more information and helpful tips on autism, visit The demands of raising a child with


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Ipca Laboratories Ltd. Executive Summary Village –Sejavta, Tehsil & District–Ratlam (M.P.) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PROJECT DESCRIPTION GENERAL INTRODUCTION M/s. Ipca Laboratories Ltd. is a reputed name in the Indian Pharmaceutical & healthcare industry. It is a public limited organization engaged in manufacturing

Reimbursement guide for myocardial perfusion imaging

Reimbursement Guide - Cardiology Guide for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging including radiopharmaceuticals and related product information 2015 Reimbursement Guide for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging including radiopharmaceuticals and related product information Cardinal Health is the only national network that provides the full range of patient-specific, unit dose, cardiac imaging agents for nuclear medicine which includes: