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Driver alert Lane Departure Warning Bigger, better sound MonDeo heralDs saFer Motoring era
Driver alert
New Ford Mondeo goes on sale from next month featuring two potentially life-saving technologies. The flagship model is the first Ford to offer a safety system which warns if the driver is at risk of falling asleep. It's also equipped with a device designed to stop accidental lane straying. This is the story of their development …

Tens of thousands of accidents are caused development of Driver Alert and is an expert the car should be positioned relative to the lane on Europe's roads each year by tired drivers on drowsy driver behaviour.
markings. It then measures where the vehicle nodding off at the wheel. Fatigue kills and the "Driver fatigue is a serious problem and one actually is and if the difference is significant, problem is that many motorists don't recognise that can affect anyone," Nieh explains. "When a the system issues a warning.
the warning signs until it is too late. Fall asleep driver becomes drowsy they tend to drift off line "Let's imagine the driver is tired, their driving at 120 km/h (33 metres per second) as they lose concentration and they might make concentration levels start to drop and the and there's a chance you'll never wake up… sudden corrective steering inputs. What we've vehicle starts to drift from side-to-side" says Ford has taken a huge step towards reducing developed is a Driver Alert system that picks up Nieh. "The software will detect this change in the risks drowsy drivers pose to themselves and on these erratic driving movements by detecting the vehicle's behaviour, triggering a two stage other road users. The company has just launched warning process.
technology that actually analyses driver perform- The Driver Alert system comprises a small "First a soft warning will pop up in the instru- ance and then warns if their concentration levels forward-facing camera connected to an on-board ment cluster as a text message and will stay computer. The camera is mounted on the back there for 10 seconds with an accompanying It's called Driver Alert and it's the latest in of the rear view mirror and is trained to identify chime. If the driver continues to demonstrate a long line of driver assistance technologies lane markings on both sides of the vehicle. drowsy behaviour, a hard warning will appear Ford has brought to market in recent years. When the vehicle is on the move, the computer in the instrument cluster which the driver must Ford engineer Margareta Nieh worked on the looks at the road ahead and predicts where acknowledge by pressing an okay button! "If the driver fails to acknowledge the hard warning, the system can only be re-set by stopping the car and opening the driver's door. Margareta Nieh biography
The system then recognises that perhaps you Driver fatigue facts and stats
Margareta Nieh joined Ford in 2002 and is have changed drivers or that you have had a Research carried out by UK road safety organisation RoSPA currently based at the company's technical rest and can continue." (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents) reveals almost centre in Merkenich, Germany. Married, with Although Driver Alert's camera is trained to one-in-five serious motorway crashes are caused by drivers a three year-old daughter, she is passionate look for lane markings on both sides of the road falling asleep at the wheel.
about her work as an electrical engineer.
it will function if markings on just one side are According to RoSPA, sleep-related crashes "I've got a brilliant job," she says. "We have detected. The system can be switched off via are most likely to happen: an excellent team here at Merkenich and I the instrument cluster.
"The technology is very clever," says Nieh. • On long journeys on monotonous roads, especially enjoy testing new products. "It's been programmed to recognise intentional such as motorways I get to develop innovative technology with lane changing manoeuvres so it won't issue a • Between 2am and 6am a super bunch of people so working for Ford warning whenever you overtake for example." • Between 2pm and 4pm (especially after Because Driver Alert works by detecting eating, or taking even one alcoholic drink) "This is a very exciting time to work in the sideways deviations, in theory a driver could fall • After having less sleep than normal industry. Car electronics have evolved massively asleep and not trigger the system if the vehicle in recent years, enabling us to really push the • After drinking alcohol continues in a straight line. In tests however it boundaries. The next generation Focus is a • If taking medicines that cause drowsiness has proved incredibly accurate.
great example. It really moves the game on "The initial technology was developed by • On journeys home after night shifts from a technological perspective. I'd love one!" our colleagues at Volvo," explains Nieh "They The organisation concludes: "Most of the things that drivers put sleep deprived drivers behind the wheel do to fight off sleepiness when driving are ineffective for on public roads with scientists sitting next to more than around 10 minutes. They are only useful in an them and the detection rates were excellent. emergency to provide time for the driver to find somewhere "The system was also extensively tested using safe to stop and rest. data from a Virttex car simulator in North Ameri- "The only measures that have an effect in reducing sleepi- ca. The drivers taking part had not slept for ness when driving are taking a nap of around 15 minutes 23 hours. On this occasion the system achieved and taking at least 150mg of caffeine (at least two cups of a 100 per cent detection rate!" strong coffee or equivalent). However, even these measures Driver Alert makes its debut in the new Ford are no substitute for sleep. Drivers need to plan trips to Mondeo and the technology will be rolled out to include a rest stop every two hours!" other Ford models in the future. 2 Ford Technology Newsbrief 08-2010

Lane Departure Warning System lane Departure
Warning system
Ford has an impressive track record of developing driver safety aids and the company is continuing this trend with the launch of a Lane Departure Warning system on New Mondeo.
Safe and simple. System can be turned on or off with this switch.
It's taken two years to develop and it uses the The Lane Departure Warning System also same forward facing camera as Driver Alert to features a graphic in the vehicle instrument read lane markings in the road ahead. If it detects display cluster. An outline of a car is depicted the car is crossing into another lane, it vibrates with a green line on each side representing lane the steering wheel to raise the alarm. markings. If the vehicle strays into another lane, Ford engineer Dirk Gunia led the development the relevant line in the graphic turns red.
of the system: "Driver Alert and Lane Departure So how does the system react to an overtaking Warning are two separate systems but they work manoeuvre for example? "It has been pro- on a similar principle.
grammed to recognise certain manoeuvres," "Lane Departure Warning has been developed adds Gunia. "If you indicate to move left or right, to reduce the risk of unintentional lane departure. this suppresses the system. It understands you Say for example a driver is temporarily distracted intend to change lane and therefore it will not adjusting the audio and the vehicle veers off course, as soon as the vehicle touches the lane The Ford Lane Departure Warning System is marking, the system turns on an electric motor very effective at warning drivers of impending mounted on the steering column which causes it danger, and an even more sophisticated version to vibrate. It's an instant, physical warning." that will actually steer a vehicle away from trouble is under development by Ford engineers. "This new technology, which we call Lane Keeping Aid, is still in development," says Gunia. "It takes Lane Departure Warning one-step further in that it will physically intervene, poten-tially avoiding a collision.
"Whereas Lane Departure Warning sends a vibration to the steering wheel, Lane Keeping Aid is connected to the car's electronic power steering system. If the camera detects the vehicle Mirror-mounted camera is about to unintentionally stray into another lane, keeps an eye on the road.
it smoothly intervenes by applying a steering force to keep the vehicle on course." 3 Ford Technology Newsbrief 08-2010
Ford has developed a new generation of Ford is also strengthening its exclusive global audio systems for its European vehicles, partnership with Sony by introducing an all-new, mid-range Sony-branded system which will debut bigger, better sounds combining exceptional sound clarity, in new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX. superb looks and easy-to-use controls.
This system features a totally new gloss black control panel, full colour TFT centre mounted display and nine loudspeakers including one in the centre dash Topping the range is a 265 Watt Premium Sound which significantly improves the staging of the sound. System, which made its debut in new S-MAX and There's also the option of DAB (standard in some Galaxy and is also available in the new Mondeo.
markets) including a clever feature which searches for Developed in conjunction with Sony, it features an a radio station in FM if the DAB signal is too weak and eight-channel amplifier unit, an all-new speaker system then reverts back to DAB when the signal improves. including an instrument panel-mounted centre unit Sony is also available with the all new SD card based plus a large, 18-litre subwoofer. It also boasts full DSP navigation system.
(Digital Signal Processor) functionalities which ensure Ford's Alan Norton explains: "Our premium sound pinpoint sound accuracy and enables listeners to system has been very well received since its launch adjust the sound to their personal tastes, ideal for the in S-MAX and Galaxy earlier this year. We've targeted discerning audiophile. All S-MAX, Galaxy and Mondeo sound quality and radio reception excellence as key vehicles have a minimum of 8 loudspeakers, with 13 priorities in the new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX systems in the Galaxy Premium Sound System.
to deliver a superior quality audio experience for our Radio performance is excellent. All Galaxy, S-MAX customers. All new CD systems are also MP3 compati- and Mondeo models now come fitted with two ble. We've also made high-level connectivity available concealed antenna systems as standard. This, coupled for all-series. This includes Bluetooth phone and with the latest radio technology, delivers the best- Bluetooth music streaming, USB, iPod, and voice possible radio signal reception, even under demanding control coupled with hands free operation." conditions. The new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX are benefiting too, every new C-MAX uses the same radio technology with one roof mounted and one concealed COMING NEXT MONTH Ford's C-MAX and Grand C-MAX audio systems Torque Vectoring Control have also undergone major change. They now feature six speakers and are operated via a Ford integrated control panel with a mobile phone style layout.
Ford Technology
Newsbrief 08-2010 Did you know ?
vehicle so the driver can tell instantly whether a Ford's Rear View Camera system features parking space is too narrow. Because it features a industry first visual guidelines to make reversing centre line, it's especially helpful when attempting Published by Ford of europe, Communications
as simple and safe as possible? to hook up a trailer.
and Public affairs · Contact: Don hume,
The system made its European debut in Ford Kuga Ford's Rear View Camera also has exceptional low and uses an exterior camera embedded in the rear light capability. This, combined with the intensity of If you need images and text related to this newsletter's of the vehicle that sends colour images to a video the vehicle's reversing lamps, helps deliver a clear topics, please lookup
display in the navigation system whenever reverse image even in dark parking areas.
gear is selected.
FoE Press Kits online:
Rear View Camera is currently available on Mondeo, FoE on Twitter:
The advantage with Ford's system is that the image Kuga, S-MAX, Galaxy, and will also feature on C-MAX, FoE on YouTube:
is overlaid with lines that mark the width of the Grand C-MAX and the next generation Focus.
FoE on Facebook:
4 Ford Technology Newsbrief 08-2010


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Determination of metformin in mouse, rat, dog and human plasma samples by laser diode thermal desorption/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry

ARTICLE IN PRESS Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis xxx (2010) xxx–xxx Contents lists available at Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis Short communication Determination of metformin in mouse, rat, dog and human plasma samples bylaser diode thermal desorption/atmospheric pressure chemical ionizationtandem mass spectrometry John G. Swales , Richard Gallagher, Raimund M. Peter