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KENOSHA NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2015 A6 Ideas or comments? Contact Editor: Steve Lund 262-656-6283 [email protected]
Page designer: Mike Larsen All those in favor, say ‘eye' Dry, itchy eyes? Remedies are available BY JESSICA STEPHEN Dry, itchy, watery eyes — all an unavoidable part of winter, right? Not necessarily.
You could be suffering from dry eye, a condition that leaves the eye with too few tears or too much in-eye debris for those tears to lubricate effectively. It affects an estimated 10 million Americans, ac-cording to the American Optomet-ric Association.
"It's actually pretty common, and it's more common in this area now during the heating season," said Dr. John Warren, an optometrist and owner of Warren Eye Care in Racine and Oak Creek.
"Not blaming the heating and air conditioning industry," Warren teased, "but the ambient humid-ity goes down dramatically from Thanksgiving to Easter — there's lower outdoor humidity and there's lower humidity indoors — and I see a lot more patients complaining of the problem at this time of year." Many people mistake dry eye for a side effect of the weather.
"A lot of people think it's because it's windy out and there's nothing they can do," Warren said.
But identifying the symptoms early can usually help eliminate the issue.
"The things that I hear that make me think of dry eye are red, scratchy, burning, blurry vision and, actually, watering eyes, believe it or not," Warren said. "Patients look at your like you're crazy when SHUTTERSTOCK PHOTO you say, ‘You have dry eyes,' when Dry, itchy eyes can be treated with prescription eye drops. Those more at-risk for this condition could use a natural tears drop as well.
they're crying all the time. But the eye becomes irritated, and it dumps more tears in. And, in some cases, it Five things to know about dry eye can make it worse." ‘A LOT OF PEOPLE Dry eye is treatable, although Warren admitted it might take a Dry eye is a diagnosable condition that leaves the eye with too few tears or too think it's because it's
combination of over-the-counter much in-eye debris for those tears to lubricate effectively.
and in-offi ce intervention.
windy out and there's
2. More than 10 million Americans experience dry eye, which is often made worse "The best thing you should do by winter weather conditions.
when you start having symptoms is nothing they can do.'
get some artifi cial tears," Warren 3. Older adults, women, people with certain medical conditions (arthritis, diabetes, said. "Not something Ben Stein sells thyroid disease) and certain medications (decongestants, antihistamines and anti- to get the red out, because if you're depressants) could be more likely to experience dry eye. Certain cosmetics can just treating the redness, you might Area optometrist on the cause dry eye. And people who have had laser vision correction or other eye surger- treat the redness but not the under- misconceptions about dr y eye ies also are at higher risk for dry eye. lying condition." Warren suggested a basic over- 4. Dry eye is commonly treated with over-the-counter artifi cial tears, although pre- the-counter eye lubricant. In fact, An in-offi ce visit should involve scription medications are available.
he said, if you think you have dry looking at the eyes with a bio-micro- eye, you might want to pick up Staying hydrated and increasing the humidity in your environment can help pre- "That's the thing where you stick vent dry eye.
"They're not all the same," War- your chin in the dish, and we shine — American Optometric Association ren explained. "Artifi cial tears a bright light in your eyes. We can are like Pepsi, Coke and Mountain actually see the tears and how the Dew. Some people drink only Pepsi tears and the eye are getting along," and swear by it. Some people only can be a complex disease to fi x," ■ People with thyroid issues, ries can prevent dry eye, however.
Warren said.
drink Coke. Some people only drink Warren said.
diabetes and arthritis are at a A prescription eye lubricant, A general humidifi er can add greater risk.
moisture to the air inside homes ■ Certain medications also can Risk factors
and offi ces, while a personal humid- increase the chances of getting dry prescription. In That's why knowing if you're at ifi er or mister can help individuals and they're fi ne. eye, including some decongestants, risk and preventing dry eye before in hospitals, schools and factories, It just depends on antihistamines and antidepres- it starts are so important.
where the air is typically drier.
According to the American Opto- "You can also try to prevent it ■ Those who wear contact inserted to treat metric Association: by staying hydrated," said Warren, lenses, especially soft lenses, or ■ People over age 65 have a an optometrist for 23 years and a trying artifi cial who have had laser vision correc- greater chance of getting dry eye.
former president of the Wisconsin tion or other eye surgeries are also ■ Hormonal changes make Optometric Association. "Most days. If there's at higher risk.
tion of therapies women, especially those who are people in the Midwest are mildly de- still an issue, then FILE PHOTO does the trick.
pregnant, nearing menopause or hydrated. They don't drink enough Eye on prevention
Contact lens wearers are more post-menopausal, more likely to water . I say as I reach for a Diet an appointment.
susceptible to dry, itchy eyes.
experience dry eye.
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this complication, perhaps Parkinson's disease. Some rash, elevated blood sugar, such proton-pump inhibitors COMING WEDNESDAY: Picking a six-pack of Christmas beers


An update on amine oxidase inhibitors: multifaceted drugs

Contents lists available at Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological An update on amine oxidase inhibitors: Multifaceted drugs Mee-Sook Song Dmitriy Matveychuk , Erin M. MacKenzie , Maryana Duchcherer Darrell D. Mousseau Glen B. Baker a Neurochemical Research Unit, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canadab Cell Signalling Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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